Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Leave It To The National Catholic Distorter
They got it right... sorta

Here's the article from; (Emphasis mine) Obama's choice as Vatican ambassador seen as representing new face of US Catholicism
June 09, 2009

Miguel Diaz, the theologian chosen by President Obama to become the new US ambassador to the Holy See, will give Vatican officials a different perspective on American affairs, says John Allen of the National Catholic Reporter Distorter:

Díaz embodies two currents in American Catholicism heretofore not terribly visible in the Eternal City: its burgeoning Hispanic wing, and its center-left theological guild.
Spare me the propaganda, NCD. This guy is an out-and-out Secular Humanist Socialist. Doubt me? Click here to see for yourself exactly who and what he stands for.

But I digress... it's true that the Latino population is growing, but does that mean ALL Latinos agree with this soft-boiled Marxist? Hardly. Latinos are some of the most traditional of all Catholics, but unfortunately, there are a number that are easily bullshitted and suckered in by flash and sizzle. But hey, all demographics can plead guilty to that.

And as far as the "center-left theological guild" is concerned, methinks he means the High Priests of theological and secular Liberalism that have infected our Priesthood and Religious Orders for the past few decades. Nothing new there. Just look at how the majority of our 'leaders' were silent when the Butcher-In-Chief received his honorary doctorate at Notre Damned. Or even better, the constant barrage of heresy preached every Sunday from your garden variey parish. Is it any wonder so many Catholics are numbed and willingly swallow poison?

With a 'center-left theological guild' like them, who needs wolves?


Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

Well the new ambassador does sort of fit in with the ideology of Pope . . . ah . . . er . . . ahem . . . I mean President Obama. At least the Pope will then know with whom he is dealing. The Church has extensive experience dealing with totalitarians and erstwhile, allegedly Catholic (but not really Catholic) Kings of Europe.

Would you really want a faithful Catholic represent President Obama before the Pope? :-)

4:12 PM  
Blogger Al said...

Adeodatus49: Since an ambassador is supposed to represent the policies of the government that sent him, it would be impossible to find a faithful Catholic who could do that.

1:13 AM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...


12:52 PM  

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