Monday, May 18, 2009

Politically Correct Atrocities
Some atrocities are more equal than others

No one 'likes' looking at pictures like the ones below, but we have to. If anything, just to be reminded of exactly how inhuman humans can be. There are some atrocities that are approved for criticizing... some aren't. Gee, I wonder why?







Blogger Greta said...

The comment is what do all these pictures have in common except one. they are all democrats. The lynching was I am sure a crowd dominated by democrats. If there was a republican in the crowd, I suspect he would have been at the end of a rope. I also note that at the time of this well known photo, FDR was president, knew about the lynching, but would not risk losing an election by confronting the total racism of his own party despite pleas from his wife.
The beaten back of course also came from a democrat. Ever notice if you post the connections, the liberals shut up and ignore it? If you suggest 50 million dead babies is 8-10 times more than the Jews killed in the ovens and that democrats have protected this holocaust for 4 decades you are accused of using hitler and that obama certainly is not hitler. I wonder why they are so adamant about this when he will during his hopefully 4 years only reign over 5.8 million baby deaths rather than the 6 million originally claimed by the nuremburg trial. One is a holocaust that can never be forgotten, the other is only babies that we never want to acknowledge as human beings.

I will keep pounding this connection and the democrats total lack of any morality as long as I have breathe.

You missed one picture which should replace the Nazi picture. That would be of the democrats using water hoses to blast negro and white protestors and marchers in the south. How was behind those hoses? Why democrats of course. Wonder if that was the early form of waterboarding? Maybe we should ask Nancy Peolosi.

10:00 PM  
Blogger Al said...

That last 1 should be rated XXX!

1:09 AM  

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