Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Homo-Friendly Archbishop Gives Lessons On Sexual Morality
I suggest he look in the mirror

Chief phony-baloney down in Miami, Archbishop John C. Favalora, just gave his statement on the 'Father Al' situation.

Oh yeah, lots of talk about CutiƩ no longer having the authority preaching or teaching on Catholic faith and morals. OK... I guess that means we can count on Favalora to properly preach and teach Catholic faith and morals, right? It would seem so.

But then we have Favalora bringing up a four different times, living a celibate life and being chaste. Wow - Mr. Morally Upright if I ever saw him.

Ahhh, but then he really steps in it. This guy's got the balls to actually say "In our times so pre-occupied with sex..."


This is the same guy who just three short months ago, authorized the "Miami Gay Men's Chorus" to perform at Saint Patrick's Catholic Church in Miami Beach.

Think this was a one time shot? Guess again. In May of 2008, Holy Cross Hospital (in Fort Lauderdale) co-sponsored a senior-citizens talent show with the Miami Gay Men's Chorus.

OK... two lapses in judgment. Happens to the best of us, right? Well, strike three for the Archdiocese of Miami under the 'leadership' of Favalora. Two of the Archdiocese's parishes, Saint Anthony and Saint Maurice, are listed as "Gay-Friendly" in a directory published by the Conference of Catholic Lesbians.

This is where it ends, right? Hell no. Just this past Monday, February 24, Saint Thomas University's School of Theology Ministry featured a guest-lecture by "ecospiritualist" Sr. Miriam Therese MacGillis, a Dominican nun who promotes goddess-worship. In 2007, LifeSiteNews reported Barry University's granting a theology award to another notorious goddess-worshipping feminist Dominican nun, Sr. Elizabeth Johnson. Both universities are also categorized as "Gay-Friendly" by the CCL.

(Source for above is

I'm getting the distinct impression that the only thing Favalora is pissed about, is that CutiƩ was screwing a woman.


Blogger TCN said...

So, how does putting one's penis into another man's backside qualify one to sing in a choir?

I'm pretty sure there are not heterosexual men's chorus' out there, at least not by name.

Very confusing and just plain odd.

4:54 PM  

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