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"Catholic" School?
These must be those fruits of Vatican II I've been hearing so much about

The the outermost provinces of The (Gay) Peoples Republic of San Francisco, come this lil' gem of an article in it's entirety from The St. Mary's College Collegian; (Emphasis mine)

Get with it, traditional marriage is so yesterday
The Bash returns in celebration of campus diversity
Jennifer Kennedy

The Bash, hosted by Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) and co-chaired by Keelia Murphy '11 and Natasha Allende '11, brought students and faculty together to celebrate "culture, diversity and love" on March 24. The event focused around the central themes of marriage and love. The performance consisted of monologues, musicals and skits, which were funny and over the top while at the same time sad and touching.

The opening act was a musical directed by Professor Reid Davis called "Totally f**ked." It began with a wedding scene of various homosexual couples. It was then announced in the piece that their marriages could not be legalized due to Prop 8. Robb Scott '12 burst into song; the rest of the cast eventually joined in. The performance was passionate and comical with the refrain: "yeah you're totally f**ked, they'll mess you up." For being amateur musicians and actors/actresses, everyone's voices synced well together, making the performance impressive in skill and delivery.

Christina Downing '11 performed two moving pieces throughout the night about coming out and desiring acceptance from one's parents. Her second piece, "Always and Forever," was about a boy, coming out to their mother, played by EJ Youngblood '10. This one almost brought tears to my eyes as Youngblood yelled at her, "How can you do this to me" and "This sickness can be cured" while Downing's character desperately sought for his mom to "love [him] always and forever." They both delivered a very convincing performance; Youngblood looked genuinely angry and Downing looked as if she was about to cry.

Another act, "Prop 8: The Musical," was presented as a hilarious battle between religious individuals voting yes and others voting no. Jesus Christ, played by Ryan McCue '11, who was also the director for this piece, broke into the battle to proclaim the Bible labels other things such as eating shrimp an abomination, but people do them anyway. He said the religious individuals only pick and choose what to follow. Andrew Talbot '10 then came on stage to announce that by allowing gay marriage, the economy will be saved.

The most emotional piece was SieSie Chambers' '09 performance of "The Promise," in which she gave a speech about her girlfriend followed by a slideshow of how they met. "I just wanted to feel the way they felt in The Notebook," said Chambers, "when I found this love, the world still left me deprived."
At the end of her monologue, Chambers gave a promise ring to her girlfriend of six months.

Professor Cynthia Ganote and High Potential Director Angelica Garcia were the Masters of Ceremony for the night. They provided jokes in between acts as well as personal anecdotes. Ganote shared that she does not believe in marriage because it puts women into stereotypical roles and the institution of marriages does not "leave room" for transgender individuals and homosexuals.

Other acts included a skit about assumptions that if one is in the GSA they must be gay, a monologue about forbidden love and forcing oneself into an unwanted heterosexual marriage, a monologue about confusion between religion and love and identity, and a musical performance accompanied by a slideshow along with a few other acts.

The Bash was beautifully written, and the perfomances were touching and moving. The high quality acting and singing, left me feeling genuinely satisfied. Grade: A+
Remember... this is a Catholic school.


Blogger Baron Korf said...

This is why we used to have the inquisition. So we can root out this manifest heresy before it blooms.

This is also why it was a bad idea to turn over our universities to the hands of director's boards instead of the diocese.

9:17 AM  
Blogger Dad29 said...


Some of the plots/lyrics just make you wanna cry.

Or not.

1:18 PM  
Blogger wildcat_conservative said...

Off topic here...there's no school involved. Just a Catholic priest and thankfully a woman:

Any way I can email you these things directly?

1:21 PM  
Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Hmmm, i wonder if there are any deals I can get cut to get out before the S & G repeat.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Orthodoxae said...

They're catholic, and I'm a muslim.

4:10 PM  
Blogger Dymphna said...

Remember what Archbishop Sheen said about sending your kid to Catholic school? The man was a prophet.

9:37 AM  
Blogger Al said...

How times have changed. Back when I was a student at Loras there was a big to-do about the Student Senate (back before CAB & all these other orginizations were created to have more pstudents doing less)scheduling the movie "A Clockwork Orange".

At least with "Clockwork Orange" the evil was called evil & you could use the movie as a launching point for what was right & wrong in dealing with such behavior.

What is going on here is just plain saying evil is good & anyone who says otherwise is wrong, even GOD!

I may take this article & tear it apart on my blog if I get the time.

PS By "Fruits of Vatiucan II" I assume you mean the fruits of the (false) "Spirit of Vatican II" that we both agree is demonic. Thus would we expect anything less than this cesspool from that "spirit"?

PPS Love the wordplay with "fruits". The fruits are the fruits. :-)

11:01 PM  

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