Monday, May 18, 2009

Brazilian Homofascists Strike Again
The fruits of Liberation Theology

Here's some of the article from; (Emphasis mine) Brazilian Government Seeks to Remove "Homophobic" Christian Programming from Daytime TV
Will add warning to such programs, pushing them to 11 pm or later

SAO PAULO, May 14, 2009 ( - The Brazilian government is considering adding warning labels to Christian programming it regards as "homophobic," according to Folha de Sao Paulo, one of Brazil's largest-circulation newspapers.

If carried out in accordance with Brazilian President Luiz Lula's definition of "homophobia," the new restrictions will effectively ban public statements on television that identify homosexual behavior as sinful and/or unhealthy.

"Pornographic sex education classes that praise homosexuality cannot be rated as 'unsuitable for children and teens,' because they have the approval from the pro-homosexuality socialist State," writes pro-family activist Julio Severo, himself in exile from Brazil because of charges of "homophobia."

Working closely with Brazilian homosexual leader Luiz Mott, Lula has created a nationwide campaign called "Brazil Without Homophobia" that seeks to normalize and legitimize the behavior of homosexuals. As LifeSiteNews has reported, Mott is an open defender of pedophilia and pederasty.

Lula is also seeking to pass an "anti-homophobia" law that would prohibit any public criticism of homosexuals or homosexual behavior. He recently reiterated his commitment to "criminalize words or acts that are offensive to homosexuality" (see LifeSiteNews coverage at
And homers are the loudest to piss and moan when they demand that we normal people MUST show compassion and tolerance for their perversion.

Obviously, compassion and tolerance isn't a two-way street. But then again, queers consider their rectum to be a two-way street. No wonder they can't get it right.


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