Friday, April 24, 2009

Vatican To Move To America?
It could have happened!

This is just the history nerd in me coming out.
Anyhow, here's some of the article from The Telegraph (London);
Vatican planned to move to Portugal if Nazis captured wartime Pope
Secret plans were drawn up by the Vatican to elect a new Pope and flee to a friendly country should Hitler have carried out his threat to kidnap the wartime Pontiff, it was claimed yesterday.

Pope Pius XII told senior bishops that should he be arrested by the Nazis, his resignation would become effective immediately, paving the way for a successor, according to documents in the Vatican's Secret Archives.

The bishops would then be expected to flee to a safe country – probably neutral Portugal – where they would re-establish the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church and appoint a new Pontiff.

That Hitler considered kidnapping the Pope has been documented before, but this is the first time that details have emerged of the Vatican's strategy should the Nazis carry out the plan.

"Pius said 'if they want to arrest me they will have to drag me from the Vatican'," said Peter Gumpel, the German Jesuit priest who is in charge of researching whether Pius should be made a saint, and therefore has access to secret Vatican archives.

Pius, who was Pope throughout the war, told his advisers "the person who would leave the under these conditions would not be Pius XII but Eugenio Pacelli" – his name before he was elected Pontiff – thus giving permission for a new Pope to be elected.

"It would have been disastrous if the Church had been left without an authoritative leader," said Father Gumpel.

"Pius wouldn't leave voluntarily. He had been invited repeatedly to go to Portugal or Spain or the United States but he felt he could not leave his diocese under these severe and tragic circumstances."
And for those interested, I've posted about the Nazi kidnapping/massacre plot before (Operation Rabat-Fohn).


Blogger Bill Hoog said...

I hope they have similar plans for this day and age!

8:13 PM  
Blogger Al said...

The only problem with moving to America is that given Obama, Biden, Pelosi etc, these days I wouldn't call this a friendly country.

I'd like to have all those who attack Pope Pius explain this. They won't though. They'll ignore it & continue with their vicious slander & libel.

11:16 PM  
Blogger Anita Moore said...

Thanks for posting this. I wish people would get a clue about Pope Pius XII!

This is entirely in keeping with the character he showed as Nuncio to the kingdom of Bavaria between the wars, when then-Archbishop Eugenio Pacelli was twice assaulted by Communist mobs, and faced them down each time. When other diplomats split, he stayed at his post. A man with this much intestinal fortitude is not about to cave to a German housepainter with a Charlie Chaplin mustache.

6:02 PM  

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