Thursday, March 19, 2009

More cracks than the San Andrea's Fault

Watching Democrats fall upon each other, like the jackals that they are, is better than a week-end marathon of Ultimate Fighting.

Here's some of the from; (Emphasis and comments mine.) Dodd Blames Obama Administration for Bonus Amendment

March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd said the Obama administration asked him to insert a provision in last month’s $787 billion economic-stimulus legislation that had the effect of authorizing American International Group Inc.’s bonuses.

“I did not want to make any changes to my original Senate-passed amendment” to the stimulus bill, “but I did so at the request of administration officials, who gave us no indication that this was in any way related to AIG,” Dodd said in a statement released last night. “Let me be clear -- I was completely unaware of these AIG bonuses until I learned of them last week.” He didn’t name the administration officials who made the request. (Of course.)

An administration official said last night that representatives of President Barack Obama didn’t insist on the change, though they did contend that the language in Dodd’s amendment could be legally challenged because it would apply retroactively to bonus agreements. The official spoke on the condition of anonymity. (Of course.)


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