Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Transfats
I'll eat what the hell I wannna eat

Do you think the SS (Snack Stormtroopers) are confiscating fatty Chapli Kabab (fried in animal fat) or extra-sweet (again, fried) Gulab Jamun from Indian or Pakistani kids?

Hell no. That would constitute a hate-crime. Invariably, cars will be burned, hackles will be raised, and everything British will be denounced. It's all fun and games until someone gets beheaded.

But I digress... you can bet your ass that candy bars and Cokes are being snapped up from British kids.

Here's a touch of the article from The Daily Mail (London); Sandwich box Stasi: Parents' fury over school which inspects lunches and confiscates junk food
By Ryan Kisiel

A primary school has been accused of running a 'mealtime Gestapo' after insisting on inspecting children's lunchboxes for unhealthy food. If pupils are found to have sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks or full-fat crisps, teachers confiscate them and hold them in the staffroom.

The snacks are returned at the end of the day but only if parents ask. One parent, Magdi Cullen, said she was shocked when her nine-year-old daughter Maria told her about the policy at Danegrove Primary School in Barnet, North London.

Mrs Cullen, 34, of Cockfosters, said: 'When I found out about what they were doing, I thought, "This is a primary school, not Guantanamo Bay". 'I can't believe that teachers go through their lunchboxes because there might be something like a small chocolate bar.

'Parents were sent a letter informing them of the strict meal searches. The letter warned: 'Lots of unsuitable items have been sneaking in lately. Therefore, we will have to look after such items until the end of the day in order to be fair to everybody. 'So chocolate and other unhealthy foods found in packed lunch boxes will be taken to the office for collection by parents at the end of the day.'
I wonder how the Mars Bar Nazis would react to this headline; India To Launch Cow Urine As Soft DrinkOh, yeah... cow piss. Reaaaaaaaal healthy.

But don't count on anything being deemed "unsuitable" and confiscated from those with family names from the Indian Sub-Continent.

Especially if they're moslem.


Blogger the Egyptian said...

Sieg Heil, Don't ya just love the Obama Nanny State, besides didn't Clinton start the "it's for the children" crap. My 90 year old aunt who moved here from Germany in the 50's about crapped when she heard Clinton say that, Quote " Hitler started out saying things like this" her outlook was very refreshing to say the least

7:53 AM  
Blogger TCN said...

They can have my chocolate when the pry it from my cold, dead hands. ;)

10:05 AM  
Blogger Al said...

What next, daily goosestep practice in place of recess?

2:37 AM  
Blogger Al said...

PS Given the fact that Stasi was my sainted Italiano Grandfather's surname, I have been offended by the E German Commies use of it as the name for their secret police. So, do you think I should fill out 1 of those "Hurt Feelings" reports.

(Note to the humor impaired, I am being sarcastic. The point is, while I do find it disgusting to see my grandfather's name misused this way, I know there are some things you just have to live with, not PC away into oblivion.)

2:47 AM  

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