Sunday, March 15, 2009

In One Year, Will You Admit Voting For Obama?
The cracks are getting bigger

If you're a uber-liberal Democrat, you know if a New York paper goes after you, you're boned; (Emphasis mine)
More than a bad day: Worries grow that Barack Obama & Co. have a competence problem

Not long ago, after a string of especially bad days for the Obama administration, a veteran Democratic pol approached me with a pained look on his face and asked,
"Do you think they know what they're doing?"

The question caught me off guard because the man is a well-known Obama supporter. As we talked, I quickly realized his asking suggested his own considerable doubts.

Yes, it's early, but an eerily familiar feeling is spreading across party lines and seeping into the national conversation. It's a nagging doubt about the competency of the White House.

But already feelings of doubt are rising again. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid were never held in high regard, so doubts about their motives and abilities are not surprising. What matters more is the growing concern about Obama and his team.
The longest campaign in presidential history is being followed by a very short honeymoon.

Polls show that most people like Obama, but they increasingly don't like his policies. The vast spending hikes and plans for more are provoking the most concern, with 82% telling a Gallup survey they are worried about the deficit and 69% worried about the rapid growth of government under Obama. Most expect their own taxes will go up as a result, despite the President's promises to the contrary.

None other than Warren Buffet, an Obama supporter, has called the administration's message on the economy "muddled." Even China says it is worried about its investments in American Treasury bonds. Ouch.

Which brings us to the heart of the matter: the doubts about Obama himself. His famous eloquence is wearing thin through daily exposure and because his actions are often disconnected from his words. His lack of administrative experience is showing.

His promises and policies contradict each other often enough that evidence of hypocrisy is ceasing to be news. Remember the pledges about bipartisanship and high ethics?
They're so last year.

The beat goes on. Last week, Obama brazenly gave a speech about earmark reform just after he quietly signed a $410 billion spending bill that had about 9,000 earmarks in it. He denounced Bush's habit of disregarding pieces of laws he didn't like, so-called signing statements, then issued one himself.

And in an absolute jaw-dropper, he told business leaders, "I don't like the idea of spending more government money, nor am I interested in expanding government's role."

No wonder Americans are confused. Our President is, too.
And the Chinese own... what... a trillion dollars in American debt? That's trillion with a "T". The RepubliCrats have assured that we kowtow to our Chinese masters for many years to come.


Blogger Vir Speluncae Orthodoxae said...

No surprise here Cavey. I've been telling these numb-skulls all this would happen for two years. Did they listen? No!

8:56 AM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

Classic "buyer's remorse." What did the sheep expect? They elected a guy with the less then two years of experience at the federal level, who never had his name attached to any major piece of legislation much less authored one himself (even though he was editor of the Harvard Law Review -- for whatever that's worth), with absolutely no administrative experience, and who made it clear on the campaign trail (and since reinforced since becoming President) that he's very inarticulate unless he's using a prepared speech and a teleprompter, and they voted for him based on emotion and media-generated Bush hatred rather then using their brains.

10:46 AM  
Blogger mark said...

Obama's team has only one answer: we're working on it
Janet Daley
Daily Telegraph (London)
Mar 15, 2009

On "Meet the Press" this morning, the chairman of Barack Obama's economic advisers, Dr Christina Romer expressed unblinking confidence in the imminent recovery of the US economy. How credible the television audience would have found that confidence is an open question. When she was asked what the options would be if the Administration's prediction that economic growth would begin to recover in the fourth quarter (considered by most analysts to be wildly optimistic), she simply reiterated her confidence. Faced with the blunt question, "What is Plan B?", she again reiterated her confidence. In other words: there is no Plan B.

Asked why the White House was finding it so difficult to fill major posts at the Treasury, she replied that, on the one hand, this was not really a problem since the career staff (civil servants) were always there to get on with the daily business. Pressed on the points that the Administration should surely have anticipated the need for sound candidates, and the curious number of nominees who have withdrawn themselves from consideration, she admitted (sort of) that the White House had introduced new vetting procedures that might be putting people off. But she ended, as always, on a note of blithe confidence: don't worry, we're working on it.

On the question of the bonuses which were going ahead at the rescued AIG, her answer was remarkably similar to the answer that Alisdair Darling gives when the same issue is raised in Britain, and basically the same as most of her other answers: we're working on it. Either you believe, or you don't believe, Don't expect too much convincing argument.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

I kind of want to say incompetence, but now that I think of it it's more arrogance.

10:51 PM  
Blogger Greta said...

You assume too much here if you think Obama supporters will change easily. About 50% of them never follow the news on anything and could not answer basic questions about issues, current leadership, american history, or almost anything else. they have logged out again until the next election. Then MTV and a few other players will wind them up again to vote. If they show up, they vote democrat in large numbers because they are not rich and the republicans are for the rich and the dems sock it to them bastards. Proof for them is that after BO was elected, they lost their job 6 months later because the rich guy was getting even, not because their boy drove the country into the toilet. They did not get their free care and house because those damn republicans stopped their boy from giving it to them. we are dealing with the fundamentally ignorant because their boys fought to keep them that way in the public school system.
the only way to save this country is to have a random test pop up tht you have to pass to vote. Not devastatingly hard, just enough to show you live in and our engaged in this country. but the dems do not want to even make sure you are entitled to vote or that you only vote once. They want to sham the census coming up as well. the democratic party is the party of slavery, abortion, high taxes, big government programs that do not work, and arrogance to come back after screwing up big time pretending it was not you and that you alone have the cure which is always more government and control and taxes.

1:22 AM  

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