Saturday, November 22, 2008

Could you imagine even one per deanery?
Helmet tip to PreVat2

As many faithful Bloglodytes already know, I purposfully try (but sometimes fail) to keep my postings as short as possible. This post is the exception.

Father Euteneuer of Human Life International may not know it, but he's an honorary Catholic Caveman.

Read this post, and you'll honestly wish to God that every priest in the Catholic Church had the integrity and courage that this man has. Could you even imagine the state of The Church if even 1/10th of our priests were even remotely like him? (No emphasis on my part needed.)
    Election Part II-Catholic Culture and the Election of Barack Obama

    It is impossible to speak of a “Catholic culture” in America any longer. A whole segment of the populace who call themselves “Catholics” do not feel bound by any standard of Catholic orthodoxy or sanity. In fact, it is impossible to even speak of a Catholic culture in most parishes! At a recent “ministry faire” of a large Catholic parish in south Florida, the Respect Life ministry of the parish displayed its pro-life materials next to the table of the “social justice” committee of the same parish. Any commonality between the two ministries was simply in the space they shared. Their worldviews could not have been further apart, but they both call themselves Catholic.

    In fact, the “social justice” people were positively aglow about the election of their new messiah, Barack Obama. Several of them were speaking of their plans to attend the Inauguration and were utterly unaware that there would be 100,000 people marching on the nation’s Capitol two days later for the right to life of unborn Americans which they had just voted into irrelevancy by electing Obama to the highest office of the land. One of them even expressed shock at the provisions of the upcoming Freedom of Choice Act until he was confronted with the nasty little fact that his messiah had been a sponsor of that pernicious bill in the last Congress. True to form, he steadfastly refused to allow that truth to have any effect on his euphoria. His mind was made up, and he would not let himself be confused by facts. Needless to say, the orthodox, practicing, believing Catholic pro-lifers will not be attending the Inauguration.

    How can these two groups sit side-by-side in the same pews and display their ministries in the same space at the same Catholic parish? Simply because this contradiction has been tolerated for years by those in charge of our Church. In this election season neither of these two groups received any guidance about voting according to Catholic principles because, as per usual, there was silence from the pulpit on the issue. The absolute failure of our church leaders to define for us what membership in the Church means—and then to enforce it—has led to the degradation of Catholic culture and the loss of meaning for things that are sacred. When Christ and Belial are considered equal partners in the sanctuary, then nothing in the sanctuary means anything any more and no meaningful standard exists to distinguish a true Catholic from a false Catholic.

    The degradation of Catholic culture is largely, but not exclusively, the fault of the clergy. For four decades in the Catholic Church in America we have seen:

    1. Liturgical abuses run rampant, aided and abetted by those in charge
    2. Two or three generations of Catholics left un-catechized or taught with flimsy, Protestantized fluff passed off as Catholic education
    3. Sexual abuse by clergy excused and unaddressed by the hierarchy
    4. A blind eye turned to high profile dissent and political class heretics
    5. Wholesale attacks on sacred teachings that receive virtually no response from our pastors (and if it weren’t for Catholic Answers, EWTN and the Catholic League we would have no defense whatsoever)
    6. The succumbing of our Catholic institutions of higher education to the ravages of political correctness, and the list goes on. In the face of all this, should we be surprised that 54% of “Catholics” voted for Barack? Hardly.

    The battle for Catholic culture begins with us, and there is no time like the present to don the armor of spiritual warfare. We either believe and practice what the Church teaches or we live as part of the shadow church, falsely trading on the Name Catholic for its benefits without at the same time shouldering the crosses that this entails.

    There is, however, great hope for the future because the battle has already been engaged: new Catholic colleges are springing up to replace the old decrepit houses of heresy, new religious orders with abundant vocations and orthodoxy have arisen, home schooling families and strong lay movements are abundant now. Only when we take back our beloved Church from the false Catholics and clerics will our Church be able to stand up and rebuke the storm winds of paganism that are building faster than we care to admit. This project is not without its price, however. The cost of being a true believer will undoubtedly be much higher than ever before in our lifetime. Starting now and into the next generation we as Catholics will have to show the world not only what we believe but that we are willing to lay down our lives for it as a witness to the truth.

    Sincerely Yours in Christ,

    Rev. Thomas J. Euteneuer,
    President, Human Life International


Blogger Brian Michael Page said...

The need for a number of priests like that around here can only be measured in "shitloads".

Excellent post as per usual my jurassic hero. :-D

6:55 AM  
Blogger Simplex Vir said...

This is the call to action that needs to come from the highest levels within the church.

I think Church leadership specifically here in America act just like the scottish nobles that William Wallace had to battle. All he asked from them was to stand up and lead. They fear pissing off England (read that as political class) for loss of all their wealth and position under English rule.

The USCCB are our scottish nobles, Priests such as this and my own are the William Wallaces.

May God Bless give other Priests the fortitude and strength to stand up and lead!

8:25 AM  
Blogger QuantaCura01 said...

Fr. Eutenuer is on the way to sainthood. A wonderful posting. I must say this type of reading is banned in the diocese of Fresno. If Bishop John steinbock read this article he would have a stroke.We do need more priet and bishops like him. Church history shows us the layity have always saced the church not the spinless priests and bishops. Fr's. letter kick the bishops right in the nads....good shot Father.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

"Father Euteneuer of Human Life International may not know it, but he's an honorary Catholic Caveman."

Could we expect any less from a Marine turned priest? God bless him and thank God he said 'yes' to his vocation!!

12:26 PM  
Blogger nypd green said...

I've been a huge fan of Father Euteneuer since he took Hannity to task a couple of years back.

Best Allan Colmes line ever:
"You guys need a Jew to break this up".

8:29 PM  
Blogger LarryD said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm going to link to it at my blog.

8:58 AM  

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