Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Highpoint For Both The "Spirit" Of Vatican II, And The USCCB
Thanks for nothing

Exactly just how big does the anvil falling on your head need to be for your run-of-the mill trying to be loyal, but still a Novus Ordo Catholic need to be to see just what a farce both the "Spirit" of Vatican II, and the USCCB are?

From the California Catholic Daily; (Emphasis mine) ‘Top 10 Catholic states’
States with highest percentage of Catholics voted overwhelmingly for Obama, including California

Three days before the Nov. 4 General Election, at the request of the news media, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops issued a statistical table showing the number of Catholics in each of the 50 states as a percentage of each state’s population. Using that data, California Catholic Daily took a look at how the nation’s ‘most Catholic states’ voted in the presidential race. Of the 10 states with the largest percentage of Catholics in the general population, all voted for Sen. Barack Obama -- and most by overwhelming margins.

According to the bishops’ statistics, the ‘most Catholic’ state in the union is Rhode Island, where Catholics make up 59.5% of the population. Obama received 63% of the vote in Rhode Island.

Second on the list was Massachusetts, where Catholics comprise 42% of the state’s population. Massachusetts residents gave Obama 62% of their votes.

New Jersey, where Catholics make up 41% of the general population, voted 57% in favor of Obama.

New York was fourth on the list, with Catholics comprising 37.1% of the population. New Yorkers voted 62% for Obama.

The fifth ‘most Catholic state’ in the U.S., according to the bishops’ statistics, is Connecticut, with a Catholic population of 36.6%. Obama received 60.2% of the vote in Connecticut.

Sixth on the list was Nevada, where 32.3% of the population is Catholic. Nevadans voted 55% for Obama.

In Illinois, Catholics make up 30.1% of the state’s population. Residents there gave Obama 62% of their votes.

Catholics comprise 29.7% of the population of Delaware, where Obama received 62% of the vote.

In Wisconsin, Catholics are 29.5% of the overall state population. There Obama received 56% of the vote.

Rounding out the ‘10 most Catholic states’ is California, where the bishops’ statistics say 28.6% of the state’s residents are Catholic. Californians gave Obama 61% of their votes.
I've said it before... I'll say it again. Empty pews, empty seminaries, empty convents, empty faith.


Blogger Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Well in LA, there's more truth to that last statement than ever before 4 million Catholics and count this ONE DIOCESAN SEMINARY, that's right, ONE!

The Bishops' in California need to develop some testicular fortitude...or be fired. If Pope Benedict is looking for someone with the fortitude to tell it like it is, I know a few young Catholics who'd do a great job.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

San Diego isn't much better. As I recall, they had ONE new priest ordained from their seminary last year!
But, on the other hand, (praise God!), the FSSP and other traditional seminaries have so many vocations they have to turn men away

1:12 PM  

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