Thursday, August 28, 2008

Who Knew PFC Hudson Of The Colonial Marines Was On The Obama-Biden Election Campaign Committee?
What'll happen if McCain chooses a woman or minority member...

WARNING! Harsh language alert!

And at the end of the video clip, Newt warns of Evil Republicans... or was she talking about The Edgar Winter Group?

OK, all joking aside, I'm personally, I'm holding out for Bobby Jindal or Mike Steele for Veep. But I could see the same reaction if Kay Bailey Hutchison was chosen.

And speaking of KBH, it's sad to note; As the Almanac of American Politics noted in its 2008 edition, “She is opposed to outlawing abortion and favors embryonic stem cell research.”

I have that sinking feeling that she (or someone of the same stripe) will be McCain's choice. But I hope I'm wrong.


Blogger deb said...

I don't understand the insistence on using embryonic stem cells when it has been proven that other types of stem cells work just as well.

7:44 AM  

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