Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy SV Day... Or VJ Day... Or A Combination Of The Two
Those inscrutable Orientals

I'll admit it... I just don't understand the workings of the Eastern Mind. How in the hell can garlic chocolate be even mildly appealing? And just in time for St. Valentine's Day.

Garlic chocolates an instant Valentine's Day hit? Don't hold your breath

TAKKO, Aomori -- A company in the Aomori prefecture town of Takko, one of Japan's top garlic producing regions, is testing the limits of good taste ahead of Valentine's Day with an unusual product -- garlic chocolate.

The product, called "black garlic chocolate" contains locally-produced fermented black garlic, covered with chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder.
My flabber is still thoroughly gasted. Garlic mixed with chocolate on a day where you're suppose to show your love and devotion?

It must be something deep in the Japanese psyche that demands that in order for one to conquer another, one must also destroy themselves.


Blogger Coffee Catholic said...

Er...right. What do you say to garlic chocolates? I suppose they'd work really well for Lent! I could replace all of the regular chocolate with these hideous things and then every time I snuck a chocolate I'd get a swift kick in the head.

This next part is TOTALLY off topic... I just don't know who else to yap at. Ok, am I abnormal or something? Without false humility *or* self-bashing, I freely admit that I am not the most brilliant of women. I'm also very naive (spelling?) about the world and I think everyone should, you know, do as Jesus told us to do, "Love the Lord thy God with all of your heart...Love thy neighbor as yourself..." Politics often confuse me and I feel rather simple-minded when it comes to my ideas of what America should do and be. I have a healthy understanding (and fear!!) of Islam and after serving in the Navy in the Middle East I'm not ignorant about Muslims and their culture etc etc. I'm 100% pro-life, and by golly I'm 100% pro-American as well! Praise God and pass the American flag AND the amunition!! (Hello Liberals! Has anyone else noticed the rising Islamofacism...?)

So you can easily imagine why I absolutely LOVE President George Dubya Bush! WHY DOES THIS MAKE ME A FREAK?? I JUST DONT GET IT! The other night while having dinner with friends from church the conversation turned to politics and as the token American I was asked, "Who do you think should be the next President?" I gave my usual answer: "None of those yahoos. They all SUCK. I love George Bush and I wish we could keep him in office until he dies from old age!"

The looks of horror on everyones' faces was enough to make me feel sick. Worse! The hostess actually yelled out, "OK! END OF DISCUSSION!" and that was that. You would have thought that I had just said, "I think we should enslave blacks and eat Jews!"

Why can't we keep George Bush?? Is there any loophole in the Constitution (or all that other governmenty stuff...) that allows the American People to rise up against the *&%£$* Liberals and superglue the President into the Oval Office for the rest of his natural life?

Why do Liberal Feminists have the vote anyway?? It's "Women" that won the right to vote - not the scary Feminazi Man-Females that try and pass themselves off as Women. (The nerve!!)

Am I the only freak on this planet that feels genuine sorrow (and crushing dread...) as I face a future sans Dubya?? Am I the only freak Cathlic that's on her knees begging God for some kind of miracle that will let us keep Dubya?? (Or send an even BETTER man along for the job of President...)

Personally, I feel afraid. Yeah - I'm a WOMAN and I have WOMANLY emotions so, I'm afraid. Where the hell is my country going?? And WHY are the huge numbers of solid christians with *normal* values being TOTALLY ignored?? I'm genuinely 100% scared about what the future holds but seeing as how we live in The Feminazi Facist State no real *men* are allowed to confort the real *women* and LEAD US into a future that is in line with the will and law of God. How dare I be scared and look around for male leadership! BAD HOUSEWIFE! Ohhhh no, we wimmin are all supposed to be wearing pantsuits and taking it like men!!

Dear God, can we please keep President Gorge Bush in office??

(Sorry for this rambling and totally pointless comment. God bless! ~Michelle Therese, a woman that feels totally LOST)

5:11 AM  

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