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You Don't Have To Be A Veteran To Have This Make Your Blood Boil
What would you expect from the city that has Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown as mayor?
Yet another Helmet Tip to my goomba-ette, Helen

From The National Review;
Spitting on the Marines

Here is an e-mail from a Marine chaplain recently returned from Iraq. The story speaks for itself—lousy treatment of our troops at our own airports. He writes about Oakland, and while checking around I find that this is a common experience. I hope that one of our leaders will find a way to put an end to such behavior.

Marines and Soldiers Returning from Iraq not allowed into Oakland terminal
On September 27th 204 Marines and soldiers who were returning from Iraq were not allowed into the passenger terminal at Oakland International Airport. Instead they had to deplane about 400 yards away from the terminal where the extra baggage trailers were located.

This was the last scheduled stop for fuel and food prior to flying to Hawaii where both were based. The trip started in Kuwait on September 26th with a rigorous search of checked and carry on baggage by US Customs.

All baggage was x-rayed with a "backscatter" machine AND each bag was completely emptied and hand searched. After being searched, checked bags were marked and immediately placed in a secure container.

Carry on bags were then x rayed again to ensure no contraband items were taken on the plane. While waiting for the bus to the airport, all personnel were in quarantined in a fenced area and were not allowed to leave.

The first stop for fuel/food and crew change was in Leipzig Germany. Troops exited the aircraft and took a bus to a reception area in the terminal, where there was a convenience store, phones, Internet and restrooms. As we excited the bus we were given a re-boarding pass. Three troops remained on the plane with the rifles and pistols. There was no ammunition on the plane and the bolts of the rifles had been removed. After about 2 hours troops re-boarded the plane and flew to JFK in NY.

At JFK the procedure was similar to Germany, 3 troops stayed on the plane to guard weapons while the rest deplaned. At the gate we were each given a re-boarding pass and spent about 1.5 hours in the terminal, at which time we re-boarded and flew to Oakland.

As we came in for the final approach to Oakland, a Lieutenant who served in Afghanistan with the same unit in 2006 mentioned how when they landed in Oakland they were not allowed in the terminal. He said, "they made us get out by the FED-EX building and we had to sit out there for 3 hours". He also indicated he was almost arrested by the TSA for getting belligerent about them not letting the Marines into the terminal.

Well the same thing happened again. This time we did not park by the FED-EX building, instead we were offloaded near the grass that separates the active runway from the taxi ramp, about 400 yards from the terminal. When we inquired why they wouldn't allow us in the airport they gave us some lame excuse that we hadn't been screened by TSA. While true, the screening which we did have was much more thorough than any TSA search and was done by US Customs.

Additionally, JFK didn't seem to have a problem with our entering their terminal, nor did security in Germany.

It felt like being spit on. Every Marine and soldier felt the message loud and clear, "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN OAKLAND!"


Blogger ignorant redneck said...

This is pure, unadulterated, USDA grade A+, lefty bul****!

I think the best thing to do, is for people to write to the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, and explain that they will not be doing business with the city, or companies that are headquartered there. $$$ talks, and the fallout will hit the asshats that run the zoo.

I'm also a little upset with the DOD--If you are on a passenger plane, and have a layover etc, you should be allowed the use of the facilities. Period
Can you imagine the stink if a plane load of Muslims from Iraq weren't allowed into the Terminal?

This is stressful.

Stress being the condition wherein the mind overrules the body's natural desire to choke the living s*** outta some A**hole who deperatly needs it!

1:40 PM  
Blogger Jonathan Carpenter said...

This does make my blood boil. What do you expect from people whose only idea of military life is watching Full Metal Jacket or Apocalypse Now on TBS? FYI: Mayor Moonbeam is now California's Attorney General.

4:29 PM  
Blogger Kasia said...

That makes no sense at all. I don't know what standard operating procedure IS in such cases, but that just doesn't make sense.

7:54 PM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

This makes my blood boil!! Every caveman Catholic and cave visitor should contact his or her congressman and complain, and/or contact the Pentagon and encourage them to no longer land military flights at the Oakland airport. Hell, the SF airport (actually in Burlingame) is just across the bay.

8:28 PM  
Blogger the Mom said...

If we had a big enough saw, we could cut California loose and let them just drift off into the sunset....

8:57 AM  

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