Sunday, September 30, 2007

St. Didacus...

Well, the Major League Baseball season is down to it's final day, and the play-off picture for the National League has more But - But - Buts than the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and San Francisco AND those cities respective Gay Pride parades combined.

But here's the way things look as of this cool October morn'. Take a deep breath and hold on tight.

NL East
If New York (88-73) and Philadelphia (88-73) finish with the same record, they would play a tiebreaker game Monday in Philadelphia.

Wild Card
In the event two teams tie for the wild card, Colorado (88-73) would host New York, Philadelphia or San Diego (89-72) in a tiebreaker; New York would host San Diego; and San Diego would host Philadelphia.

Three teams with same record
In the event New York, Philadelphia and San Diego finish with the same record, New York and Philadelphia would play a tiebreaker Monday at Philadelphia for the division title. The loser of that game would then play a wild-card tiebreaker Tuesday against San Diego.

Four teams with same record
If Colorado, New York and Philadelphia win Sunday and San Diego loses, all would finish 89-73. New York and Philadelphia would play the NL East tiebreaker Monday; the loser would play a three-team, two-day, wild-card tiebreaker with Colorado and San Diego on Tuesday and Wednesday. In that scenario, Colorado (the team with the best head-to-head record among the three teams in the wild-card tiebreaker) would get the choice of having a bye on Tuesday or playing both games at home.

Bottom line....



Blogger Al said...

With the Mets losing Sun(at least they finished ahead of Atlanta), & the Twins long out of it, the season is now over for me.

The big question is: "Will the Cubs make it to the World Series, win & thus bringing about the end of the World?" (Yes, it is in Scripture somewhere that that is a sign of the apocalypse!)

That being said: Here's hoping (pardon the pun) the Padres have a prayer (esp from St Didacus)!

1:43 AM  

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