Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Spirit Of Luther Is Alive And Well In Germany
...and we brought this on ourselves by pandering to these idiots for the past 40 years

German priests reject Vatican directive on translation
Rottenburg, Jun. 8, 2007 ( - Priests in Rottenburg, Germany have voted to reject the Vatican translation of the phrase pro multis in the Eucharistic liturgy, the news service reports. The priests' council of the Rottenburg-Stuttgart diocese announced that the members had decided by a "democratic vote," to retain the current German translation of pro multis as "for all."

The council dismissed a directive from the Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship. Cardinal Francis Arinze, the prefect of the Congregation, wrote to the world's bishops last November, announcing that all translations of the liturgy should render pro multis as "for many"-- a translation that is more faithful to the Latin text and to the theological reality that while Christ's redemptive suffering makes salvation available to all, it does not follow that all men are saved.

The Rottenburg priests argued that the use of "for many" would be confusing to the faithful "in this day and age." They added that the original Scriptural text read "for all," citing as their authority a Protestant scholar of the 18th century whose analysis the Catholic Church has rejected. "The promise of salvation is directed to all people," the German priests said. "This truth of the faith is put most clearly in the 'for all.'"

"The promise of salvation..."? Ladies and gentlemen, that's the heresy of Universalism. Sheesh, why should I even bother to be Catholic?

In light that these German "Catholic priests" reject the changing of a few words to the Mass of Paul VI, how do you think they'll react when this happens;

Cardinal Bertone announces Latin Mass to be universally authorized “soon”
Vatican City, Jun 4, 2007 / 10:50 am (CNA) - In an interview published this Sunday by the Italian Catholic daily “Avvenire”, the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, announced that the Motu Propio authorizing the universal celebration of the Mass of St. Pius V—known as the Tridentine Mass—will be made public “soon.”


Blogger Benedictusoblatus said...

Sounds like the Vatican needs to finally abandon the idiotic experiment in "collegiality" and return to the monarchical/hierarch model that worked just fine for 1900+ years. Send the inquisitors in and have these rogues fired.

2:22 PM  
Blogger James S Blenkinsopp said...

God forbid the translation should be faithful to Scripture and Tradition! "For all" is no more and no less than putting words into the mouth of Jesus . . . words which He never said.

This has always puzzled me; Jesus clearly said ". . . for you and for many . . ." So where did this "all" business come from? Political correctness, fear of offending perhaps? No doubt the very same spirit that has so many fearful of the Pian Mass of Good Friday; surely it is inappropriate to pray for the Jews! What's next? Will Catholics be forbidden to pray for the consecration of Russia as Our Lady asked?

6:31 AM  

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