Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Don't Bite The Hand That Freed You
... and kept you free for half a century

So it looks like idiot clerics aren't exclusive to the United States. Edinburgh, Scotland's own Keith Cardinal O'Brien told a "peace rally" the following;

Far from being weapons which keep peace, nuclear weapons in fact prevent peace,” Cardinal Keith O’Brien of Edinburgh, Scotland, told a weekend peace rally in Glasgow. The Scottish cardinals said that the countries which own nuclear weapons, including the United Kingdom, are “a stumbling block to peace.”

Cardinal O’Brien told peace activists that the apostolic nuncio had commented the Scottish bishops for their opposition to the Trident nuclear submarines. He added the observation that leaders of other Christian denominations had joined in the protests, showing that the opposition to nuclear weaponry is a stand that unites Christians across sectarian lines.

Well, I for one certainly get that warm ecumenical feeling deep down. But I'd like to pass some information on to the good cardinal --

1. If it wasn't for nuclear weaponry, particularly American nukes, you'd be speaking Russian right now.

2. If you honestly think that The Russian Federation no longer poses a threat to The West, then you are woefully ignorant to the reality of evil that exists in this world.

3. If you honestly think that the possibility of an "Islamic Bomb" doesn't pose a threat to The West, then you are... yet again, woefully ignorant to the reality of evil that exists in this world.

4. I'm not stupid. Your attacks really aren't aimed at inanimate objects like nuclear missiles or Trident submarines. Who you are really protesting are the brave members of the Armed Forces who are more than willing to risk their lives to protect an ingrate such as yourself.

5. Instead of going after the very sailors who man the submarines that you detest so, why didn't you say a thing or two against the still hostile Russians or the mad dog moslems? Ohhh... I get it. If you go after the Russians or the moslems, you'll get jailed under the UK's moronic Hate Crimes laws. But by attacking the very people who protect you... that's perfectly fine.

6. I will say that I'm duly impressed that while you slyly snipped at the feet of the very same military that kept the likes of you living in a free and open country for years and years, you did manage to slip in a plug to ecumenism. Bravo.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a pity we are not speaking Russian here, at least we might then get some decent liturgy!

6:53 AM  
Blogger Paulinus said...

To paraphrase George Orwell: We sleep easy in our beds because rough men stand ready in the nightto do violence on our behalf.

Add to that: and because some rough sailors spend three months under the ocean with a great big, F***-off bomb that stops President Ahmadinejad getting all starry eyed about blowing Israel/the USA off the map.

12:15 PM  

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