Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Few Random Notes
As Sunday comes to an end

First off, Cletus Huckleberry The Great comes clean and apologizes to the mohammedans.

On behalf of right-thinking Catholics everywhere, I would like to apologize to the Islamic community for failing to give due consideration in previous posts to the fact that you guys are a horde of unstable, insecure, hypersensitive, violent nutjobs whose astounding ignorance is surpassed only by your diabolical lust for cruelty and death. Is it any wonder he's so deemed Cletus Huckleberry THE GREAT?

Secondly, I read a quote the other day, I think it was from Paulinus, who said concerning the moslems, yet again, going on a rampage, stating words to the effect of "my very existence as a Catholic seems to set them into an uncontrollable rage". How true.

Lastly, I posted this the other day --

And a hat tip to BennyXVISurfRider for pointing out to me that in moslem countries, Christians are an oppressed minority and they are expected to "stay in their set limited areas". Gee, think they're trying to tell the pope something?


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