Saturday, September 16, 2006

What Does The Movie "Excalibur" And The Notre Dame Loss Have In Common?
Other than lots of blood on the field?

Remember the line in the movie when a distraught Lancelot screamed out "...and Christ has abandoned us!"? Yeah Lancelot, I'm with ya. That's exactly how it feels being a Notre Dame fan right now.

Possibly Coach Weis should have used the Knute Rockne "short but sour" speech of yesteryear.

Legend has it that the Irish were getting crushed during the the 1st half. At halftime, instead of a butt chewing, Coach Rockne poked his head in and said, "Oh, excuse me ladies, I thought this was the Notre Dame locker room."

The Irish won.


Blogger fidelis servus said...

That hurt. I thought it was bad being a NCSU fan, but it's just as bad watching Our Lady's team take a beating from Michigan.

7:48 PM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

Other than the name, how can you be sure it's "Our Lady's" team? For all we know there are more devout Catholics at the University of Michigan (it's in Ann Arbor, right?), than Notre Dame. ND may have a lot of priests on campus (though you couldn't pick 'em all out, half are in civilian mufti), but other than a cute mascot, a great fight song, and a hallowed history, what does Notre Dame really have to be called "Our Lady's" team? Michigan, by the way, wears her color.

10:11 AM  
Blogger Petrus Radii said...

Hate to say it, Caveman, but the Wimpy Irish got what they deserved! The school ceased decades ago to be Catholic, and is undeserving of Catholics' support, even in sports. In fact, to associate those homosexual-loving, heretical Libs with Our Lady at all is an insult to her. Let the humiliation be a lesson to the Notre Dame folks!

This Michigander in Kansas says, "Let's go Blue!"

5:50 PM  

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