Tuesday, June 20, 2006

All Around Bad Ass Of The Day
Professor Margaret Somerville

Liberals still scream about freedom of speech. Bravo Foxtrot Delta, right? Obviously, freedom of speech applies only to those who adhere to liberal views. Once in a great while, someone stands up to the Left and shoves their hypocrisy down their collective throats.

And that's why we, the Catholic Cavemen, do hereby acknowledge Canada's McGill University Professor Margaret Sommerville as our All Around Bad Ass of the Day.

What did Maggie do that was so heroic? She publicly told the Recreational Proctology Department And Friends at Ryerson University the truth. Specifically;

Somerville believes marriage is primarily about having children, and gay marriage conflicts with a child's right to a biological mother and father.

In an amazing show of class and grit, Professor Somerville said, "some people are hurt by some of my views, and I want to say that although I believe that I must stand by those views, I genuinely regret the hurt that that causes them"

Acknowledging she has many critics, Somerville said it's important academia operate in "a discourse of mutual respect" about unpopular views rather than succumb to the "chill of political correctness."

Professor Somerville had the proverbial spheres to stand her ground and refuse to allow the Pink Gestapo intimidate her.

Is it any wonder she's our All Around Bad Ass Of The Day? Way to go, Maggie, The Cavemen got yer back.


Blogger Screwtape said...

Proverbial spheres. Hmm.

You mean cajonettes?

Fried with bacon and onions and green pepper, they're mighty tasty.

6:23 PM  

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