Sunday, June 18, 2006

No... Not Even ONE!
Hmmm, I wonder why

As those of you who come to this blog regularly know, I've posted on a number of occasions concerning the fully Church approved apparition of the Holy Mother to Sister Agnes Sasagawa in Akita, Japan in 1973.

Anyhow, I searched and searched to see if there was even ONE Catholic institution in the United States dedicated to Our Lady of Akita. Here's what I found;

Our Lady of Fatima - 89
Our Lady of Guadalupe - 139
Our Lady of Lourdes - 163

But not ONE SINGLE "Our Lady of Akita" in the United States. Or Canada, or the UK, or Australia, or New Zealand, or Ireland. Could if possibly be because Our Lady warned;

"The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church... The Church will be full of those who accept compromises and the demon will press many priests and consecrated souls to leave the service of the Lord."

In all fairness, I did find ONE church in the entire world that's dedicated to Our Lady of Akita. Are you ready for a shocker? It's in Akita, Japan.

Hmmm... I wonder why there aren't more parishes dedicated to her?


Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

Good question. But look at the bright least no one has tried to build an inter-faith "worship space" to ecumenism at Akita and called it a Catholic church.

6:18 PM  
Blogger St. Jimbob of the Apokalypse said...

Yeah, Cavey, you'd probably be disappointed with what would have become of a namesake parish like that. It would most likely be in California or the Pacific Northwest, and terribly liberal. I'm sure that by now, they'd have a vision statement, complete with adjectives like "Dynamic" and "Vibrant" and maybe even "Inclusive". Makes your blood curdle, doesn't it. Maybe we should be a wee bit thankful...

10:22 PM  
Blogger Gaufridus said...

It's probably because she's Japanese and there just arent enough Japanese Catholics (or East Asian Catholic, in general, for that matter) to take up the banner.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

No mater where The Holy Mother appears... she's the Holy Mother.

I believe the reason NO parishes have been dedicated to her, is due to the message she brought from her Son.

11:51 AM  
Blogger Der Tommissar said...

I'm not seeing that many Our Lady of Knock parishes in the US, either.

Also, let's look at the timetable. Those aparitions started when I was being born, it took the church a few years afte that to approve them. So...what we're looking at is basically no churches have been named after her in the last 20-25 years. When you consider how many new churches have been built since then, the numbers kinda shrink.

I mean, Lourdes has been around for over a century, and Fatima is approaching 90 years. Our Lady of Guadalupe? Centuries, and it was next door.

I'll make you a deal though, I'll try to get our Council's name changed to "Our Lady of Akita Council".

3:35 PM  
Blogger Petrus Radii said...

The sad thing is that, according to something I read on the Internet a few months ago (assuming my memory is correct), the new Bishop of Akita is trying very hard to make the message of Our Lady at Akita "disappear". Apparently, it is too harsh for post-Vatican II stomachs. Too judgemental. A "cold prickly", if you will, instead of a "warm fuzzy".

Guess that bishop won't have to worry about being crucified for his beliefs!

5:33 PM  

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