Sunday, May 07, 2006

Do Saints Throw-Up?
Only if their namesake is a city in California

Can one in a celestial state be so disgusted that they actually wretch? For the moment, let's just say they can.

With that said, I'd wager that The Holy Mother more than likely has gotten queasy on numerous occasions due to the goings on in L.A. (officially "The Town of Our Lady the Queen of Angels of the Little Portion"). St. Francis has undoubtedly yakked quite often because of the goings on at Sodom By The Sea.

But now St. Didacus must be puking more than a squad of Marines after a Dos Equis and bean burrito soaked weekend in Tijuana. Things have gotten downright insane in my old hometown.

First, activist judges and the ACLU have finally won in having the historic 52 year old Cross on Mt. Soledad removed because "the presence of the Latin cross on Mount Soledad, land which is owned by the city of San Diego . . . violates Article I Section 4 of the California Constitution".


Keep in mind that the courts have invalidated three land transfers – two sales to a private group and a gift to the federal government – designed to keep the cross atop one of the city's most scenic landmarks. Can anyone spell P-E-T-T-Y?

Oh, and before I forget, the courts have also ordered the City of San Diego to pay ACLU lawyer James McElroy's legal bills, which a judge in a related Superior Court case recently estimated were $280,000, on top of the $233,000 the city was forced to pay McElroy and the American Civil Liberties Union several years ago in a related lawsuit.


The SD City Council proclaimed "Karen Marshall Day". Karen Marshall served as the executive director of the Gay and Lesbian Center in Hillcrest for six years. During that time she received hundreds of thousands of dollars in public funds for her salary. Much of the money was steered to the Gay and Lesbian Center and Karen Marshall's salary via the San Diego City Council. I guess "St Didacus Day" is out of the question, huh?


The very same City Council recently to proclaim "Mark Salo Day" in honor of Salo's January retirement after 31 years as the chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood of San Diego and Riverside Counties. I guess "Mother Teresa Day" is out of the question, huh?


Remember James McElroy, the ACLU attorney working to remove the cross from Mount Soledad? Turns out he's also Planned Parenthood's lead attorney. Are you shocked?

But there are a few voices of sanity in the City of St Didacus... Phil Magnan, Biblical Family Advocates director, pointed out that "many of the leaders of Planned Parenthood, including its founder, Margaret Sanger, were signers of an anti-God, pro-abortion, pro-suicide document, 'The Humanist Manifesto.'" Magnan mentioned Sanger's intent to weed out "defectives, delinquents and dependents," and her statement that "we do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population," and the fact that Sanger frequently spoke at Ku Klux Klan gatherings.

Well, at least St. Didacus must be a baseball fan. The Padres have won six in a row. That in itself is miraculous.


Blogger Fidei Defensor said...

I have a feeling St. Thomas Moore, patron of lawyers is also throwing up thanks to the zeal with which the ACLU folks go after any public display of Christianity.

As for these judges, I wonder how smug they will feel on judgement day.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

Add to your list, a so-called "Catholic" university in the city that is a hot bed of homosexual and lesbian activism with nary a peep from school administrators or the local diocese.

3:56 PM  

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