Sunday, March 12, 2006

Supreme Court Upholds Anti-Catholic Statue
Where is the "Conservative Majority" I keep hearing about on the SC?

Washburn University, a taxpayer funded school in Kansas, has the Supreme Court of the United States of America on it's side... when it comes to bashing Catholics.

Washburn U. recently unveiled a statue entitled "Holier Than Thou" which depicts a scowling Catholic bishop whose mitre is actually a penis.

The Topeka school's Campus Beautification Committee selected the display to help fulfill its goal of having "one of the most beautiful campuses in Kansas." Also, the university's president, Jerry Farley, defended the display as a fulfillment of the purpose of art, "to engage us intellectually and emotionally."

I just can't help but wonder if President Farley, the Campus Beautification Committee, and the rest of the hypocrites at Washburn would ever consider a bust of Martin Luther King as a lawn jockey... or a Jew with a rather prominent hooked nose portrayed as a money grubber... or even *GASP!!* maybe even Washburn should display some cartoon drawings of mohammed. Do you think Washburn would ever do anything like that... just so they could to engage the student body intellectually and emotionally? Nahhh... I didn't think so either.

By the way, the so-called "artist", Jerry Boyle, describes himself as a "practicing Catholic". I think he needs more practice.


Blogger DigiHairshirt said...

I think we need to start mass protests, torching cars along the way, screaming, "Death to Kansas infidels!", and threaten to behead any editor who provides it a positive review in the paper's "Art & Leisure" section.

Aw, wait, THAT'S already been done to death . . . okay, can we at least demand that "The Wizard of Oz" be forever edited to have Dorothy say, "I don't think we're in America anymore, Toto?"

8:51 AM  
Blogger Der Tommissar said...

I'm glad they get to keep the statue up.

After all, it's easier to keep track of where the anti-Catholics this way. They usually scurry off when the lights get turned on nowadays.

2:07 PM  

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