Friday, January 13, 2006

A Bias In The Media?
Nahhh... you're imagining it all, Caveman!

Ahh, I love the secular media. Such simple minds. Case in point... a recent article from Reuters titled "Catholic Rebels See Slow Reconciliation With Rome".

Now this may be presumptuous of me, but I kinds figured that the writer of this particular article, a Mr. Tom Heneghan (the Religion Editor, no less) would just read the very same article he just penned.

But before I go any further, I would like to state that I'm happy with the state of the Regularization of the SSPX with The Vatican. After all, it took decades to make the mess we're in. Things won't be fixed overnight.

Back to the article in question, Heneghan refers to the SSPX as rebels, a splinter group and a breakaway group. And that was just in the first one sentence paragraph. Does that give us any indication on where this story is going?

Anyhow, just a few paragraphs later, the very same Heneghan wrote "... [Cardinal] Castrillon Hoyos had said just before the meeting that he saw no heresy or schism in the SSPX's activities".

Now how in the world can one be a rebel... or a splinter group... or a breakaway group, and NOT be in schism according the the head of The Church's own Ecclesia Dei Commission? Believe me... if Cardinal Castrillion Hoyos spoke out of turn, you can wager the farm that His Holiness would have had the good Cardinal corrected damn quick. But did ya notice that never happened? Let's face it. In all reality, the so-called excommunications are non-existent. The only thing left is the formalities.

Also, Heneghan referred to the SSPX as "ultra-traditionalist". Not once... not twice... but three times.

Mr. Heneghan, do you really think that the ENTIRE Catholic world was ultra-traditionalist prior to Vatican II?

If so, what does that say of "mainstream" Catholicism? Possibly could it mean that luther won? Or could it mean that it really is the SSPX trying to bring Catholicism back to it's real Catholic mainstream?


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