Thursday, December 29, 2005

Pope Joan
This nonsense again? *sigh*

Big Daddy29 has an excellent post concerning the latest network approved Anti-Catholicism to hit the airwaves.

In all myths, there is a grain of truth. As we all know, in the English language we abbreviate the name Charles to "Chas." or William to "Wm.", etc, etc.

Centuries ago, writers from Northern Europe would write out the lineage of the Popes. Again, as we all know, we have had many, many popes with the name John or Joannes in German.

Guess how the Germans abbreviated Joannes centuries ago (and very well may still do)? You guess it... "Joan."

The Protestant Revolt takes place (oddly enough, in Northern Europe) and certain unlearned individuals see the name "Pope Joan." written down, next thing you know, the myth of Pope Joan is born (oddly enough, in Northern Europe).

Get the word out, folks. We gotta fight this garbage to it's face!


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