Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Raleigh Still Waiting For A New Bishop
...save us from the fires of Joe

For those of us still struggling through our own Babylonian Captivity here in the Roman Protestant Diocese of Raleigh, we eagerly await the announcement on who our next Bishop will be.

Foe 30 years now, we've had to endure the destruction of everything Catholic by a bishop who identifies himself as "Your brother, Joe." Sheesh... and he wonders why so many have no respect for him. Hey, he's not really a bishop. He's just one of the boys. Joe... you know.

Just listen to what Father Joseph Vetter, the Catholic chaplain at Duke University said; "He's a very traditional moderate".

Huh... what? A very traditional moderate? What the hell is that??!! Roman Protestant double-speak at it's finest.

To give an outsider an idea of just how crazy things are here in this diocese, "Joe" readily admits that he "struggles with the church teaching that women cannot be priests."

In an interview in 2001, Gossman said of John Paul's position on women in the priesthood: "The pope is the chief teacher in our church, and we have to listen to him. But he has a habit of saying something is true without giving the underlying reasons."

Ummmm... 2,000 years of Catholic Teaching? Could those be the underlying reasons?

We had a mindset in the Marines (I'm sure the other Branches did as well) that one should NEVER trust a "leader" who stands in front of a unit and bitches and moans about his superior. Strike one, Joe

More recently, Joe said he did not think that Holy Communion should be "denied to politicians" who disagree with Church teaching on abortion.

Smilin' Joe is of the opinion that Catholicism teaches that clerics should "not to make a public judgment about the state of the soul of those who present themselves for holy Communion". Joe went on to say "The pastoral tradition of the church places the responsibility for such a judgment on those who come forward to receive holy Communion," he added. "For the present this will continue to be my position."

"For the present", 'eh? What a Gutless Wonder. I guess that whole mortal sin thingee just has him feeling ickie all over. He just doesn't get it, does he? Oh well, strike two, Joe.

Smilin' Joe has also been at the forefront of church wreckovations. If you're ever in the Diocese of Raleigh, make sure you swing by the examples of what Smilin' Joe hath wrought. The Inaccurate Deception Auto Parts Warehouse and Catholic Group Hug Center down In Carolina Beach is a fine example. As is the St. Missed The Mark Performing Arts Center in Wilmington. And who could forget the St. Jude's Strip Mall and County Government Complex in Hampstead.

You can't miss 'em. I'll have this sign out front;


Blogger Tito said...

Roman Protestant, that's a new one for me. I like it.

I think I'll add it to my vocabulary, right up there with Guilty White Liberals (read that one in Colin Powells autobiography).

3:28 AM  
Blogger Fidei Defensor said...

Nice sign, sadly most of those Ugly Churches are beyond saving, even if someone put in holy water fonts, stations of the cross, and staind glass.

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I as well can't wait for Bishop Gossman to be gone. I hope we get a young bishop from OUTSIDE the diocese, one who will bring fire and zeal for the Church back into the daily lives of Triangle Catholics. Chapel Hill sure could use some help . . .

11:21 AM  

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