Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hey Baby, Have I Got Some Holy Orders For You
Serving Mass... it's not just for worshipping God anymore!

The procession before the Novus Ordo Community Group-Hug and Sing-A-Long is still a time to flirt with a cute altar-babe during the Missa de Gallo, a traditional Christmas service in the Filipino community, as this young fellow demonstrated. The service will be presided over by a certain "Father Jojo" (I'm serious.. you can't make this stuff up). Altar Chicks, oops... sorry. I have to be Politically Correct; Altar Entities of Undetermined Gender are permitted with the consent of the local bishop after Pope John Paul II made the position co-ed "in the spirit of Vatican II."

Modern liturgists use that same "spirit" to justify replacing the corpus of the sacrificed Christ on the crucifix with a "risen" Christ, as seen in this photo, even though a risen Christ crucifix is an oxymoron and does not fulfill the requirement for a crucifix since a risen Christ is not a crucified Christ.

The Resuricfix also lessens the emphasis on the Sacrifice that Christ made on His cross. It wasn't His birth, resurrection nor ascension that opened The Gates of Heaven... it was His death that made that possible.

And people still wonder why there's a crisis in The Church. Clerics can't (won't) even adhere to the basics anymore.


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