Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Let The Name...'ARNOLD'...Be Stricken From Every Public Obelisk...
So let it be written, so let it be done.

Our version of the BBC (but this time, with credibility) Gillibrand has passed the word how the city council of Arnold Schwarzenegger's hometown of Graz, Austria has decided to strike his name from the former Schwarzenegger Soccer Stadium due to Arnold refusing to grant clemecy to quadruple murderer Tookie Williams.

Ahh-nuld beat 'em to the punch and personally requested his name be taken off. Gotta love his preemptive "screw you" to the Graz city council.

But in a move reminiscent of Josef Stalin, or more correctly, George Orwell, the Graz City Parental Units of Undetermined Gender have since ordered that all references to Schwarzenegger on all web sites linked to City of Graz be deleted.

So let it be written, so let it be done. *BOOM, BOOM, BOOM*

But ya gotta love the "objective" story from AP/Pravda on the Hudson

"Acting on Schwarzenegger's orders two weeks after the Dec. 13 execution of former Crips gang leader Stanley Tookie Williams, city leaders Tuesday deleted all references..."

"Acting on Schwarzenegger's orders"? They make him out to be some sort of Mafia Godfaddah. Rick over at De Civitate Dei put it best when he said that "it wasn't Arnold that judged (or ordered) anything, it was a jury of his peers". Thanks for that moment of sanity, Rick.

Yet another gem from George Jahn of the AP; "...Austrians, who overwhelmingly consider the death penalty barbaric". Says who, AP? You... or possibly that Greens Party maggot who you gushed over in your interview, or the enigmatic "Mario" who slammed Arnie in an e-mail to a newspaper?

AP's Jahn did his best to make any Austrian who even looked favorably on Schwarzenegger out to be either a muscle-head or an Alpine mouth breather. In a grasp at any credibility whatsoever, Jahn did quote Kurt Marnul, a former "Mr. Austria";

"More than 70 percent of Americans are for the death penalty," said Marnul, 75. "This issue is none of Austria's business."

If you wish to let the Graz City Council know what you think about the Governor's name being removed from the stadium and removed from all Internet links, shoot 'em an e-mail stadtverwaltung@stadt.graz.at

They understand English. Day Jaas Don' Schpeak It Vell (that was my Austrian accent spelled out)... sorry.

Another h/t to Gillibrand!


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