Thursday, November 17, 2005

Some Within The USCCB Has New Wristband... WWJD?
What Would Judas Do?

Looks as if many within the USCCB move ever closer still to a priestless Catholicism. I seem to recall The High Priest of Sodom, Roger The Dodger Mahoney, stating that the priest shortage was some sort of "gift" of the Holy Spirit. He went on about something about greater lay participation. Hmmm.... what ever could he mean by that?

Simple... just see what they're about to do;

The bishops approved new rules and expectations for the American church's 30,632 "lay ecclesial ministers," many of whom are filling tasks that used to be exclusively assigned to clergy. In some parishes, for instance, they conduct weddings and baptisms.

First off, this "priest shortage" is a joke. It's artificial... man made, or should I say person made. Must be politically correct, you know. But anyhow, we all know that the liberals within The Church have been trying for decades to get rid of the Sacrificial Priesthood and replace it with a watered down protestantized version. Looks like they're getting their way.

Big time phoney-baloney Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, Ariz., who chaired the drafting committee on lay ministers, told a news conference that the church has long had lay religious educators but what's new is the laity handling pastoral and administrative work. "That role has evolved because of the shortage of priests".

WHAT??!! Isn't your diocese the one who recently declared bankrupcy because of all the cover-up by the bishop concerning homosexual rape? So tell me again, Your Sexcellency... we have a shortage of priests why again?

More often than not, unless you're a scalding sodomite, any given young Catholic male need not apply to the seminary. But don't fret! Coming soon to the St. Luther Community Faith Formation & Group Hug Center near you, the USCCB's newest monstrosity; priest-lite.

With shepherds like those at the USCCB, who needs wolves?


Blogger Gaufridus said...

The priest-shortage is a direct result of the aftermath of Vatican II. The chain of events is simple:

- Vatican II, effectively, creates a neo-Protestant religion which includes among its tenets of faith extreme "Tolerance" (which has become "Acceptance"), "Respect for Diversity" (which has become "Worship"), "Unity in Diversity" (which denies the necessity of the Catholic Church being the sole means of salvation) and other, associated non-Catholic doctrines;

- Because post-Vatican II neo-Protestant "Catholicism" is "just like everyone else", there is no apparent reason to belong to the Novus Ordo church.

- Because the post-Vatican II "Church" is "Tolerant", it accepts homosexual priests who arent joining the priesthood to maintain the integrity of the institution, but to destroy it by their very presence.

- Because you have priests who are homosexual, you must accept and respect them as members of the hierarchy.

- Once you accept and respect them, you will begin to accept the heresies that they will inevitably teach and advocate.

- Once you accept their heresies, you have lost the Faith. Satan has won and you will go to Hell, short of a miracle.

Now, strictly speaking, a priest is not absolutely necessary for the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Matrimony. Desireable and Normal, yes. Absolutely Necessary, no. So, theoretically, I dont have a problem with a laymen performing Baptism or Holy Matrimony.

For Baptism to be performed by a layman, there must be a state of necessity. The person to be baptised must be in danger of imminent death and/or a priest cannot be found to perform the baptism. In any case, any layman can perform the Sacrament validly and licitly.

The same thing applies to Holy Matrimony: there must be a state of necessity. The Baltimore Catechism No. 3 explains it as a priest not reasonably forseen to be available for at least one month. The danger of death is also a reason (for instance the couple wishes to marry before one of them dies). In any case, there is no requirement for a minister of any sort: the couple perform the sacrament themselves, however they must have two witnesses, who require no special office.

Therefore, a "lay ecclesiastical minister" is absolutely unnecessary as well. It promotes a false institution, the sole purpose of which is to undermine the authority of the legitimate hierarchy. My guess is that since they are laymen, under no vows, they are free to choose women and homosexuals, again, to undermine the sanctity and authority of the true hierarchy.

12:38 AM  
Anonymous James said...

However involved in the USCCB Bishop Kicanas may be, he was not Bishop when those crimes happened.

He also happens to be a supporter of the Latin Mass and recently attended the local indult.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

However involved in the USCCB Bishop Kicanas may be, he was not Bishop when those crimes happened.

...and Bishop Kicanas is wasting not one iota of time joining in on the destruction of the sacrificial priesthood. One brick at a time.

12:09 AM  

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