Friday, May 02, 2008

Prots Piss Pants...
Film at 11

I've posted about those scum-bag Ranger fans before, as well as our heroic Catholic Celtic boys.

Well, turns out that the saga between the forces of Good versus satan's minions continues...

Here'e the story from The Catholic News Agency;
Scottish soccer team could face reprimand for “Holy Goalie’s” Pope shirt

Glasgow, May 1, 2008 / 01:08 am (CNA).- A Scottish soccer team could be censured after a player displayed a shirt that said “God Bless the Pope” in a post-game victory celebration, the BBC reports.

The Celtic goalkeeper Artur Boruc, whom fans call the “Holy Goalie,” wore the shirt on the field after his team won a 3-2 victory over the Rangers. The shirt displayed a picture of the late Pope John Paul II and the phrase “God Bless the Pope”.

Under FIFA’s international soccer rules, players must not reveal undershirts that contain slogans or advertising.

The Scottish Premier League is considering a report on the incident, but the BBC reports any action against Boruc is unlikely. If Boruc’s action is deemed to have caused fan problems, his team could be censured.

Celtic manager Gordon Strachan did not think his player’s shirt was a cause for concern.

"If it was 'God bless Myra Hindley', I might have a problem," said Strachan, referring to an English child murderess.

In the past, Boruc has been disciplined for less pious actions on and off the field.

The goalie was also cautioned for disturbing the peace when he made gestures at Rangers fans in February 2006. Police insisted that the caution issued to Boruc was not for blessing himself, as some had claimed.
King Jan Sobieski would be proud of this native son of Poland.


Blogger Volpius Leonius said...

Some more info on Artur Boruc.


6:27 AM  
Blogger Fidei Defensor said...

The Poles, no other European people (except maybe the Maltese) has so totally escaped the secularization process, God bless them, Poland the bastion of Europe standing against the 1241-Mongol Invasion, 1648-Sweedish Invasion, 1683-Turkish Invasion, 1920-Soviet Invasion, 1980-Solidarity against communism, to the present culture war in the EU.

2:18 PM  
Blogger Paulinus said...

The Huns are nearly as sensitive another, ahem, religious group I could mention

6:04 PM  

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