Tuesday, May 09, 2006

One Reason Kids Make Nations Strong
Europe's declining birth rate

To counteract the demographic decline in many developed countries, a cultural change, rather than an economic incentive, is needed to promote family and procreation, Riccardo Cascioli, the president of Italy's European Center of Studies on Population, Environment and Development, said in a recent interview.

After listing a number of the dangers of a low birth rate, he ended with this:

“Let's not forget moreover the consequences on security: A nation without children is a nation that does not even have a desire to fight for its own values and freedom -- so much so that it believes it is not worthwhile to transmit them. And, because of this, it prepares to be a land of conquest for emerging civilizations.”

To which I add: How greatly one believes in something is demonstrated by how willing one is to die for it.


Blogger Brother James said...

It's kind of funny to see Vlad Putin trying to encourage his fellow russians to put down the bottle of Smirnov, and get busy making l'il russkies. Stunning number: Russia's population declines by 700,00 per year (according to CNN).

6:43 PM  

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