Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Interesting News Interview
Helmet tip to Fr. Schnipple, Vocations Director - Archdiocese of Cincinnati

From Fr. Schnipple's blog;
Should Women be Ordained Catholic Priests? (video report)

Fox's local station, Channel 19 in Cincinnati, did a video report that aired last night during the 10:00 pm news on Women's Ordination in the Church. I was interviewed for the report, which runs to three minutes in length:

My quibble: she asks 'Where is it in the Bible?' Remember, we hold that Jesus is the Revelation of God in the fullness and that His Revelation is expressed both in written form in the Scriptures, but also in living form in Tradition. And it is quite apparent from both, taken together, that this is something that cannot change.

All in all, though, I am happy with the report. The truth was conveyed.
Personally, I could care less of some nut job "valid" bishop so-called ordains one of these gals. The same nut job "valid" bishop could baptize a Cocker Spaniel. Does that make it so?


Blogger Al said...

Fact # 1: As you so correctly point out, it was impossible for Patricia Fresen (the so-called women Bishop refered to in the video) to be validly ordained dog catcher, let alone a Bishop.

Fact # 2: Since Fresen is no more a Bishop than I am the Pope she cannot ordain other women priestesses.

As for the "where in the Bible" question she asked, I would ask her, where in the Bible does it say they can??? It doesn't. Nor does the Bible have a woman at the Last Supper where the priesthood was instituted to say the Mass & confect the Eucharist, which is at the real heart of the priesthood.

I am amazed that the news story was as balanced as it was at showing the Catholic Church's side. But, as I pointed out, it didn't provide room for as good a response as was needed.

8:12 AM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

That video--women are NOT supposed to wear choir dress, the sign of a man who is canonically of the clerical state.

11:14 AM  
Blogger Bill Hoog said...

You can see why we've been suffering in Southwest Ohio for the past 27 years! At least Fr. Schnipple seems to be one of the few lights in a toxic wasteland left by Bernadin & his protege Pilarczyk. We've got a LONG WAY to go to get rid of their "work".

8:21 PM  

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