Friday, November 20, 2009

The USCCB Gets It Wrong...
Yet again

Pope Leo XIII spoke definitively in regards to the invalidity of Anglican Orders. Long story short... they simply don't exist. You'd think the USCCB would know that. Guess not.

The USCCB can refer to Mr. Rowan Williams as 'Reverend', 'Minister' or on formal occasions, 'Doctor', but never, never 'Archbishop'.

Imagine my suprise when I read the headline on the news organ of the USCCB, the Catholic News Service. Here's some of the article in question;
Outreach to former Anglicans not model of ecumenism, archbishop says

ROME (CNS) -- Calling Pope Benedict XVI's arrangement for Anglicans wanting to become Roman Catholics "the elephant in the room," the spiritual head of the Anglican Communion [Rowan Williams] said the pope's move was nothing groundbreaking from an ecumenical viewpoint.

Allowing the Anglicans to maintain elements of their Anglican heritage "shows some marks of the recognition that diversity of ethos does not in itself compromise the unity of the Catholic Church," the archbishop said.

However, he said, it does not fulfill one of the goals of ecumenism, which is to bring Christian churches into full unity without one denomination absorbing another.
Nooooooo... back in August, 2008 I did a post concerning the the difference between ecumenism and dialogue.

Again, you'd think the USCCB would know the difference.

Again, guess not.


Blogger JLS said...

The USCCB: What, about 300+ bishops and how many bureaucrats?

Does it have a clearly stated function? How is it managed or ruled? Is it ruled? Who is in charge?

How do all the diocesan bureaucratic organizations tie into the USCCB?

How much of the "plate" goes to pay for the existence of these bureaucracies?

How much of the "plate" goes towards politics? Is there any transparancy?

Has anyone compiled a list of scandals?

9:56 AM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

I think what's behind this is that logically speaking, the ARCIC talks should now end as the only "sort of" remaining Catholics in the larger Anglican Communion are the Anglo-Papalist branch of the Anglo-Catholics and certain Continuing Anglican jurisdictions in the remainder of the world, the chief jurisdiction being the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) and Anglican Church in America (ACA). The ACA is actually a part of the TAC.

The ARCIC talks have never involved the continuers whom Rome never recognized in the formal ecumenical relations sense. ARCIC is now comprised on the Anglican side principally of the pro-female clergy and now pro-sexually active homosexual clergy including THAT BISHOP!

Pope Benedict has now called the bluff of those Anglicans who claim they want to be essentially Catholic. He has provided them a mechanism to retain their Anglican religious-cultural-liturgical identity while becoming Catholic in faith, morals, and canonically.

Yes, Anglican orders are utterly null and void per Apostolicae Curae. Yet some Anglican orders, on rare case-by-case circumstances are of "doubtful invalidity" due to the Dutch Touch and other Episcopal avenues.

For example, the former Anglican Bishop of London, Graham Leonard, "poped" and was ordained a Catholic priest sub conditione. He is now Monsignor Leonard and in retirement and in very old age.

Apb. Rowan has gone a bit loopy. He seems to believe that the differences between Rome and Canterbury over the Papacy, female clerics, and homosexualist clerics are minor issues and that there is much more in agreement between the two sees than in disagreement. He couldn't be farther from the truth than he is right now. These latter two issues involve theology and morals. There is no room for compromise! Thus, there is no future in the ARCIC talks. They should end now because IMHO they are causing great confusion among Catholics and grave scandal.

The USCCB's attitude in my opinion is caused by the ecumenical agenda therein. Staffers have invested their careers in ecumenism. It has become an end in itself--self-perpetuation of a myth and the organization sustaining that myth.

5:05 PM  

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