Sunday, November 01, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation...
By Barry Obama

Just thought you'd find this interesting. From;
28 Fundraisers in First Months a Presidential Record
October 26th, 2009 Karl Munchausen

MIAMI: Obama headlined a Miami Beach dinner tonight raising money for Democratic congressional candidates. Tickets ranged from $500 to $15,200 for the event.

The chart puts Obama’s campaign fund raising in perspective. Obama has attended 28 fundraisers in his first months of office, compared to Bush’s six and Clinton’s five.

The NIP believes that this adds to the evidence that this administration is all about power, protecting its prospects for reelection. How can a president spend so much time campaigning when he has a country to run? Who is minding the store back home? Biden? Somehow that is not reassuring.

Clinton and Bush spent their first months in office with their noses to the grindstone, working. If Obama is campaigning this hard this early, will he go into full time campaigning when it comes time for the congressional elections? Who will be running the country then?

Michael A. Fletcher in today’s Washington Post reports:

By day’s end, Obama will have held 28 fund raisers this year. Not counting the upcoming events, the president has raised more than $27.5 million, according to CBS radio correspondent Mark Knoller, who keeps meticulous presidential statistics. Three of the president’s events did not report how much was raised. Michael A. Fletcher, Washington Post
Obama campaigned on bringing a “new civility” to Washington, ending “the same old partisan politics.” We at the NIP certainly agree that those “same old” politics are gone, apparently forever. What we have now are politics on steroids, all politics, all the time.
Hmmm... I thought he was busy fighting a war and mopping up someone else's mess?

Oh, and golfing.


Blogger Cathy said...

Frankly, President Obama has fought tooth and nail for every bit of support for discerning the will of the majority of the voters as well as coming to major decisions impacting the future of my children. Especially, in light of a consistently negative WALL of antipathy toward him, the depth of unresolved shame some southern citizens exhibit as hate toward everything he stands for, and jealousy at the support others feel in his successes.

It would've been swell had he amassed a war chest of 'integrity' from GHB with a premise of 'compassionate conservatism' as HRC put it, or had the slick ability to talk out of both sides of his mouth at once, both advantages squandered foolishly by term ends of past presidents GWB and WJC. Time is of the essence, in instituting some of the far-reaching programs such as a consistently fair deal in the world moving toward international referendums in anticipation of years of earth stewarship, fundamental health coverage policies for US citizens, helping the US economy settle back on its feet, and dealing all this dignity and principles our country was founded.

It would be disingenuous to suggest that he sits around the White House eating bonbons.

I note this particular column made no facetious or hypocritical comments on an early morning trip to Dover to honor return of one of my State's war dead. This is a positive sign, however, that someone can rummage around and find a sense of decency when a young man lays down his life for his comrades and country.

1:17 PM  
Blogger chestertonian said...

Don't. Like. New. Look. LOL

3:25 PM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

What about abortion on demand, especially partial birth abortion? This is an offense to decent-minded people.

Bush committed a billion+ $ to combat AIDS in Africa. Compassionate conservative? No. The Bush family has never been politically conservative. More like moderate or centrist. Compassionate moderate? Yes.

I am no fan of President Bush, Jr. as I am no fan of President Obama, although my differences with both are different for each politician.

. . . international referendums in anticipation of years of earth stewarship, . . . .

This is almost pure politics designed ultimately to screw U.S. businesses while letting developing to almost developed nation-states (e.g., China) an unfair competitive advantage. Besides, I challenge the science. Just because V.P. Al Gore supports it, doesn't make it good science. There is not enough room in this post to describe wherein "scientific" assumptions get turned into "scientific" facts.

4:24 PM  
Blogger TCN said...

Oh, Cathy, climb down off your high horse and see what you just stepped in. Obama is about Obama, and only Obama. He couldn't give a rat's hiney about the war dead--except to use it politically. Why else would he bring a cameraman to Dover and plaster it over all the newspapers?

Respect is earned, and if he wants some, he should try to do something that is respectable. Like, maybe protecting the innocent and the elderly rather than killing them or screwing them over. Or maybe sending enough troops to end this nasty war in Afghanistan. Or doing something, anything, besides campaigning for himself and appointing communist freaks to positions of power.

Or, not, which is apparently his current modus operandi.

11:54 PM  
Blogger Al said...

Cathy, if by "everything he stands for" you mean his socailistic dictatorship that he is attempting to impose on the US, yes I hate it, because it is demonic evil that he is doing. he has selected people that want to condone perversions that will put our childeren at risk of being sexually molested. he is working to destroy the very foundations of our Constitution & has done much to do so with the government takeovers & the multitude of czars that have no basis in our Constitution.

Also, how can he have a "wall of antipathy" & have people hate him & be lealous of him at the same time? Your whole comment was a mass of contradictions & illogic.

How do you explain my dislike (hate as you would call it) for his policies since I feel no shame resolved or otherwise? I am from Iowa, not the South. & my grandparents were immigrants from Italia that settled in Iowa. That whole comment was simply code trying to call my friends in the Cave racist, which is what they are definitely not.

The only hate I saw was yours towards those of us who love this country & are fighting tooth & nail, like our Founding Fathers (who count 1 of their descendants among the contributors to this blog) to protect the country from his attempts to destroy it.

1:20 AM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

I'd like to think the Zero went to Dover to receive the arriving fallen warriors, but given his history of prevarication and stage craft, I suspect he is just going to use it as an excuse to not give Gen. McCrystal the troops he wants.

8:34 AM  

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