Thursday, October 29, 2009

As Great Britian PC's Themselves To Death
Convince the children that they're evil as quick as you can!

What a sad little story out of the UK, via The Telegraph. Here's some of it; (Emphasis mine) Schools report 40,000 cases of racism a year
More than 250,000 alleged racist incidents have been reported in schools as staff are forced to investigate every single playground spat, it has been claimed.

Teachers are being treated like counter staff in police stations as they have to fill in forms detailing name-calling and jokes. Meanwhile diversity “missionaries” are said to be increasing the divide between white and black children by forcing them to see everything through the prism of race.

Adrian Hart, the author of the report published by the Manifesto Club, a civil liberties group, said: “The obligation on schools to report these incidents wastes teachers’ time, interferes in children’s space in the playground, and undermines teachers’ ability to deal with problems in their classrooms.

“Worse, such anti-racist policies can create divisions where none had existed, by turning everyday playground spats into ‘race issues’.

“There are a small number of cases of sustained targeted bullying, and schools certainly need to deal with those. But most of these ‘racist incidents’ are just kids falling out. They don’t need re-educating out of their prejudice – they and their teachers need to be left alone.”

Martin Ward, deputy general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: “Certainly any racist incident in schools should be dealt with swiftly but the definition of racism can be taken too far, especially with young children who clearly don’t understand the connotation behind the words.

Teachers and other school staff are allowed to report racism even if the alleged “victim” was not offended. In many cases, the “perpetrator” is punished by the head teacher and their parents will be told.

Sometimes the police are also called in, with the Crown Prosecution Service prosecuting 2,916 children aged between 10 and 17 for race or religious hate crimes in 2007-08, up from 404 just two years earlier.

Even toddlers at nursery school are treated as potential racists, the report claims, with staff told “the earlier you can pick up any tendency towards discriminatory or prejudicial behaviour, the better chance you have of successfully tackling it”.

Mr Hart, who was hired to make a film about racism in primary schools, says the strict policies undermine teachers’ ability to set behaviour standards for pupils and reduce them “to the level of police-station counter staff”. He claims in many cases the children involved are friends who have fallen out.

He says they are often too young to understand the insults they are using, but are being treated unfairly for having “inadvertently committed an offence that adults call ‘racism’”.

In addition, Mr Hart says he heard pupils saying that skin colour did not matter to them, but staff believed race must not be ignored and that children would “lose part of their selves” if their differences were not celebrated.

Mr Hart believes race equality “missionaries” who scrutinise relationships in schools are actually increasing division between pupils. He says “anti-racism workshops” lead to more reported incidents, which means more intervention by officials.

One head teacher told him that an assembly on respect for difference had led to an “awful atmosphere” as “children who used to play beautifully together .. separate along racial lines”.

The report quotes a youth worker who says that when children of different backgrounds fight “it’s not always a race issue”, but when it becomes recorded as such it “causes racism” because the children feel they have been treated unfairly.


Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

Heck. This is enough to turn me into a racist, but against what group? How about the effing idiots who have dreamed up this "diversity" enforcing system? Then again, this group is not an ethnic group. Geez.

9:17 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

As a new TA for my university, I had an orientation session and a packet of materials which were all about the avoidance and addressing of "bias incidents". On my feedback for the orientation, I commented that we shouldn't be dwelling on it to the degree that we create an environment where we/they expect offense.

9:56 AM  
Blogger JLS said...

While wrangling with about 30 bright teenagers on government property, I could not find a way to persuade them stop telling racist jokes. Whites, "Mexicans", a Black were eating it all up. Others were innocent bystanders, and some had distressed looks on their faces.

Well, so much for political correctness. I ran it by a subsequent gaggle of teenagers including more "minorities" and they all laughed.

I think we are in for a rebellion against political correctness on this issue. If the kids are conspiring en masse to tell racist jokes non-stop for 45 minutes, and are backed up by their peers, then is that a sign of change or what?

Maybe this is the change shaking out already. Not the economic, religious, sexual or whatever but the change in what jokes the kids tell.

6:46 PM  

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