Friday, September 11, 2009

Yeah, Yeah... We All Know What It Stands For
But it's still funny

WARNING! Crude Humor Alert!

Think your life sucks? Click here.

Here are a few examples ; Today, it was raining. I was out walking with my girlfriend, and decided it would be cute if we bit of dancing in the rain. As I was swinging her round, I swung her head against a lamp post. She broke up with me. FML

Today, I stepped on the MacBook Air I purchased 4 days ago. The screen snapped in two, and I didn't buy insurance because I promised myself I would be "extra careful." $3500 well spent. FML

Today, I discovered that I don't have Herpes or Genital warts. I have acne on my penis. FML

Today, I walked in on my parents doing it. Luckily they didn't see me so I slipped out. I looked outside, trying to take my mind of the horrors I had just witnessed, only to realize my dad's car wasn't in the driveway. FML

Today, I found out my mom was getting remarried, to my dad. He's been in prison for five years because he pushed her out a window. FML

Today, I got jumped by five dudes who took my phone. On it I had naked pictures of myself. An hour later they sent the pictures to all of my contacts. FML

Today I switched doctors, from a pediatrician to an adult doctor. The guy was really persistant about a few personal questions. Then he brought my parents in the room and proceded to tell them that I have an abnormally small penis and what remedies he knows of to fix it. FML

Today, I met my boyfriend's mother for the first time. She greeted us holding a baby, and I told her how cute her son was. She told me that it was her grandson. Turns out my boyfriend is the father. We're 16. FML


Blogger LB said...

Um... Macbooks all come with 90 days warranty but the extended one that you purchase is for a couple years.....

11:29 PM  

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