Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When "Hope" Trumps Science
...and common sense

A couple of years ago when underwent emergency surgery, I didn't really care that the lead surgeon was a Welshman, the anesthesiologist was a Bengali, or that one of the nurses was Black. Really... I could care less what the color of their skin was, but the context of their expertise on keeping my dumb-ass alive.

Too bad DingleBarry doesn't think the same way. As my co-conspirator, Former Altar Boy says - "I thought this was the guy who was going to 'take us beyond race'".

Here's some of the article from The Washington Times; (Emphasis mine) Panel sees race bias in health care bill

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights says some little-noticed provisions in the House health care bill are racially discriminatory, and it intends to ask President Obama and Congress to rewrite sections that factor in race when awarding billions in contracts, scholarships and grants.

The commission also fears the programs, which are designed to improve health care in underserved areas, will not be effective.

In a draft of a letter the commission approved Friday, the group raises constitutional questions about giving preferential treatment to minority students for scholarships, and about favoring medical schools and organizations that have a record of sending graduates to areas with inadequate health care services.

"These programs are unlikely to reduce health care disparities among racial and ethic groups," according to the draft letter obtained by The Washington Times. "A growing body of evidence indicates that increasing access to high-quality physicians - whatever their racial or ethnic ancestry - is the best way to mitigate such disparities."

The draft letter also cites testimony from Dr. Amitabh Chandra of Harvard University who said the idea that expanding the number of minority physicians and providing "cultural competence training" will bridge the health status gap is "grounded in hope more than science," according to the draft language.


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