Sunday, August 09, 2009

I've Met The Spirit Of Liberalism Incarnate
And the spirit was weak

WARNING! Harsh Language Alert!

The following story is true. Only the names of Liberals have been changed to protect their stupidity.

As we were doing some spring cleaning at work, we separated a couple of especially beat-up old chairs from the herd. As the boss says - "you know where the dumpster is, Kevin".

Quicker than you could say "I Accelerate For Animals", I'm beatin' feet on a trash run. It was at this moment in time that our resident granola cruncher decided to pipe in with "let's donate them to Goodwill. I'm sure someone could use them!" As the boss and I give each other that knowing oh-shit-here-we-go-again glance after a moment or two of no one exactly leaping at the opportunity to be even remotely connected with these two lawsuits in the making excuses for chairs, I felt compelled to tell The Crunchy One - "if it means that much to you, then by all means... you go right ahead and call Goodwill".

24 hours later -- nothing. Yes, I had to remind our benevolent hippie to follow through with her offer of largess. Supposedly, the Goodwill folks will be here tomorrow. Supposedly.

It's quiet. Almost... too quiet.

Here it comes --- wait for it --- yes, the chairs are still here. I queried our intrepid liberal as to why said chairs are still on premises. The predictable answer: "I told the boss! The Goodwill people were scheduled to pick-up Saturday and I was out of town! It's XXXXX's fault for not being here!"

As if that wasn't moronic enough, she actually one-upped herself: "but why doesn't someone put a 'free to a good home' sign on them, and take them to the road?"

Enough. My Fun-O-Meter was pretty much pegged out at this point in time. It was made abundantly clear and in no uncertain terms to my tree hugging friend, that we've come to our Gordian Knot moment. Sixty seconds later, I had personally deposited the chairs into a rather large shit-can at the end of the parking lot.

Almost a week later, and this circle jerk has finally come full circle. Then it hit me -- this chick is a perfect example of Liberalism (and specifically, the Democratic Party) in action, or inaction, as the case may be;
They impede not only progress, but common sense.

They're free with volunteering... someone else. And the 'someone else' that gets 'volunteered' is more often than not, someone who actually has their head and ass wired together. In other words, Liberals penalize the competent.

When things go wrong for Libs, it's the fault of those who are competent for not following up on what was their responsibility to begin with. Or as the excuse their messiah uses - "the answer to that is above my pay-grade."

They have to be shepherded to the obvious. And even then, they just don't get it. Oh, and it's always someone else's fault.


Blogger chestertonian said...

You guys were awfully indulgent with her. You have to treat these people like little (bratty) children. You should have simply said, "Okay, put the chairs in your car and drop them off on your way home from work."

If she fails to comply, then in the dumpster the chairs go, problem solved. Never give these people an inch.

8:01 AM  
Blogger Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

I thought of the very same thing. But if I did that, how could I have a teachable moment?

And no, we didn't have a beer afterwards.

8:23 AM  
Blogger VSO said...

Priceless Cavey. I got some stories too. I really should post them on my blog.

10:28 AM  
Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

Typical liberal -- if one has "good intentions" they have fulfilled their obligation to their fellow man, the hell with every doing anything and actually getting results. But they'll be the first to bitch if someone else tries to accomplish anything.

10:48 AM  
Blogger Nan said...

People like that bother me; if the chair was good, sure, donate it. But you have to take action in order to do so. Goodwill only wants gently used goods.

If the chair truly is a lawsuit in the making? Trash it!

You're right, she is a sign of what's wrong with the US. But what do I know? They're going to come and take me away any time now. I believe in the Constitution.

12:50 PM  
Blogger Enbrethiliel said...


Cavey, thanks for sharing this story. I enjoy reading your personal encounters with the spirit you are battling much more than the news stories you comment on--though those are welcome, too, of course. =)

1:00 PM  

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