Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Latest From The Lavender Mafia
Of course... California

Spiritual AIDS. That's the best way to describe the drivel that comes from certain "shepherds".

Here's some of the article from the California Catholic; (Emphasis mine)
The Bishop Barnes Agenda

Bishop Gerald Barnes of San Bernardino celebrated Mass August 20 for all diocesan school employees to kick off the school year. The Mass, offered at St. Francis Cabrini Church in Yucaipa, featured a homily in which Barnes reminded administrators and teachers that they must be more tolerant of people of different nationalities, different races and different “orientations.”
(People choose to engage in perverse acts, not their nationality. You'd think a bishop would know that. Unless he's in favor of further forwarding the homo agenda.)

This is not the first time Bishop Barnes has shown sympathy to the gay agenda. In 2003, Barnes celebrated Mass for the 10th National Conference of the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay and Ministry in Palm Springs. In that homily, Barnes apologized to the National Conference for the “strife they had endured,” adding, “I know your particular ministry is not easy. Some would say you don't belong. But we know that's not true because the Lord Himself says that." Barnes apologized in 2000 for the diocese’s past mistreatment of gays, blacks, American Indians, and others and in 2001 created a Diocesan Commission for Ministry with Families of Gay and Lesbian Catholics. ("Acting upon" one's cultural heritage doesn't quite equate to being a fudge packer. You'd think a bishop would know that.)

One San Bernardino Catholic school teacher in attendance noted that there were booksellers present selling gay pride books and that in his homily Barnes spoke more like a political candidate than a Catholic bishop. One of Barnes’ laments was over the reports of violence from people opposed to President Obama’s healthcare legislation at town hall meetings. (What a shock. *Sarcasm off*)


Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

Barnes spoke more like a political candidate than a Catholic bishop.

Not just Bp. Barnes, but the corporate USCCB. IMO, they mostly act like a bunch of politicians instead of the priests they are supposed to be.

3:57 PM  

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