Sunday, June 14, 2009

What To Do With All Those Nasty Gitmo Prisoners?
You know... the ones who want to cut our throats

If you haven't seen the movie Breaker Morant, I strongly suggest you do. As far as the military court martial genre is concerned, this rates right up there with Sergeant Rutledge and The Caine Mutiny.

Anyhow, I think The Breaker knew exactly how we should deal with those scumbags we have locked up down Gitmo way. Here's a snipppet from his court martial;The first case was that of the shooting of the Boer commando, Visser, who was captured after the death of Capt. Hunt and executed on Morant's orders for allegedly being in possession of items of Hunt's uniform.

The accused entered pleas of 'Not guilty'. Prosecution witnesses were then called and they testified about the deaths of Hunt and Visser. Under cross-examination, several testified that Hunt had given them orders to take no prisoners and had reprimanded them for bringing them in.

Morant then testified that they fought "regular guerilla warfare" and that Hunt acted on orders "from Pretoria" to take no prisoners while clearing the district of the Boer commandos. Hunt, he said, told him that military secretary Colonel Hamilton had given him the orders "at Lord Kitchener's private house" and that all the detachment knew the order. After Hunt's death he had assumed command, and had decided to carry out the orders, and believed them to be lawful, even though he had previously disregarded them. He testified that he shot no prisoner before Visser and that the facts of the case had been reported to Captain Taylor and Colonel Hall.

When asked by the President whether his court had been constituted like the court-martial, and whether he had observed certain of the King's Regulations, Morant responded defiantly. His reply, as recorded by Witton, is legendary:

"Was it like this?" fiercely answered Morant. "No; it was not quite so handsome. As to rules and regulations, we had no Red Book, and knew nothing about them. We were out fighting the Boers, not sitting comfortably behind barb-wire entanglements; we got them and shot them under Rule 303," referring to the .303 calibre Lee-Enfield rifles the Carbineers carried.
Much like the three found guilty over 100 years ago, I can't help but wonder how many of our troops fighting the Global War on Terrorism will end up as Scapegoats for Obama?


Blogger Subvet said...

" many of our troops fighting the Global War on Terrorism will end up as Scapegoats for Obama?"


Next question?

1:54 PM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

Rule .303. When pertaining to the abuse of the liturgy perhaps it should be "Rubric 303!" LOL

4:05 PM  

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