Thursday, June 04, 2009

Me Me Me Me Meeeeeeeee
The Phantom of the Obama

I''m not sure if he's a narcissistic opera fan or just really into the Novus Ordo Mass. Either way... Dingle Barry sure is into himself.

You might want to read the entire article. It's first rate. Here's some of it from; (Emphasis mine) I, Barack Obama

President Obama used the first-person singular pronoun "I" 34 times on Monday when he announced he was nationalizing General Motors.

He used “Congress” once and “law” not at all.

As Obama described it, the government takeover of General Motors was Obama’s decision made for Obama’s reasons.

To prevent GM from becoming a ward of the state, Obama made it the property of the state.

“I decided then,” said the first person in chief, “that if GM and their stakeholders were willing to sacrifice for their companies' survival ... then the United States government would stand behind them.”

Here, I, Barack virtually identified himself with the United States government. He did not say he would ask Congress to enact legislation to provide the executive with the funds needed to purchase 60 percent of GM or with the legal authority to restructure the company and oversee its business plan.

He said: “I decided then ... the United States government would stand behind them.”

And where does the Constitution say the government can take ownership of an auto company, let alone at the individual initiative of a president who cannot point to a duly enacted law that clearly expresses the deliberated will of the people that he should have that power.

Eventually, Obama said he was putting another $30 billion in tax dollars into GM on top of the nearly $20 billion the company has already received.

This passage may be more worthy of the used car salesman in chief than the colossus who just seized an auto company. I, Barack may claim he does not want to run GM but in almost the same breath he says he will guarantee GM warranties and that the “new GM” will produce the cars he envisions.

“And I want to remind everyone that if you are considering buying a GM car during this period of restructuring, your warranties will be safe and government-backed,” said Obama.

I, Barack’s GM will never be a symbol of America’s success. Unless Congress begins asserting its constitutional authority in defense of free enterprise, however, it will be concrete evidence of America’s slide into socialism--a system where the state controls the means of production as a means of controlling the people.
We're not going down the road of simple Socialism. We're headed directly to wards a Socialist dictatorship. And it's happening without so much as a whimper.


Blogger TCN said...

I'm whimpering. Loudly.

9:25 PM  

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