Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Mocha Messiah...
Don't let the smile fool you

WARNING! Graphic descriptions.

About a year ago, I did a posting on White Guilt. I even had fictitious man-on-the-street interviews to further illustrate to the extent White Guilt would help The Zero; "Oh, that young mulatto boy, Barry O'Bama. He makes me feel so good about myself. And he's just so non-threatening! I'm pretty sure he'd never rape me and then steal my Social Security check to buy Crack with. I think I'll vote for him!" - Mrs. Myrtle Q. Nerdsworthy. White Bread, Nebraska.Don't let that warm, cuddly, non-threatening smile fool you. This man has a calculating, devious, black heart. Case in point - here's some of an article from; (Emphasis mine) Foul-Mouthed Homosexual Activist and Anti-Christian Bigot Appointed to Obama Administration

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 2, 2009 ( - Although President Barack Obama has advocated speaking "fair minded words" in debating differences on major ethical issues, his recent nominee to the Department of Education's Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools is a homosexual activist with a history of using foul and abusive language against those who have opposed his homosexualist agenda.

Kevin Jennings, the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN), was recently appointed to the Obama Administration as Assistant Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools, which is under the Department of Education led by Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

During Jennings's tenure as the Executive director of GLSEN, the organization sponsored a Tufts University conference called "TeachOut" in March 2000. The conference was co-sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Education; but the event has been described by pro-family organizations familiar with the conference as "fistgate" for its extremely graphic and detailed workshops to teenagers about the mechanics and variations of homosexual intercourse. (For those who don't know, "fisting" is a homosexual act in which one man rams his entire fist into another man's rectum. If that's not text book depravity, I don't know what is.)

The Massachusetts watchdog group, MassResistance, includes on its website a number of graphic quotations from homosexual presenters, who instigated equally graphic conversations on homosexual sex with youth there. MassResistance says they will be releasing a tape of the event to the public later this week. (WARNING: extremely graphic content discussed here)

Around the same time, Jennings was quoted in Marble Collegiate Church as saying members of the "religious right" were "hard core bigots" who comprised about 20 percent of the electorate.

"We have to quit being afraid of the religious right. We also have to quit - I'm trying to find a way to say this.
I'm trying not to say, 'F**k 'em!' which is what I want to say, because I don't care what they think!" Jennings told his audience, which pealed with laughter. "Drop dead!"

According to Americans for Truth, Jennings and GLSEN never repudiated the actions of homosexual activists at the "Teach Out" conference, but instead attacked Scott Whiteman, the Massachusetts parent who video-recorded the proceedings, for violating students' privacy.

"Anti-religious bigots should not be setting policy for schools - and promoting dangerous sex and gender identities to youth is the antithesis of 'safety,'" stated Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth.

"Jennings should have been drummed out of public policy years ago for GLSEN's role in the awful Fistgate scandal that corrupted Boston youth," LaBarbera stated.
"But instead the GLSEN founder is now being elevated to one of the most important roles in U.S. education policy."


Blogger TheSeeker said...

That makes me pretty nauseous.

10:32 AM  
Blogger wildcat_conservative said...

That's pretty bad, but take a look at our future. On that same site you got this from, there's a story about a man in Britain sentenced to jail (suspended at least)for trying to stop gays from openly having sex in the park by his house.
I don't think I have space here to point out everything I found upsetting about this. I just like how the homosexuals are referred to as "vulnerable". (read: "protected")

2:29 PM  

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