Thursday, May 21, 2009

Time For Michael Steele (And The Rest Of The RepubliCrats) To Go
Fool me once, shame on you...

There was a point in time where I was excited about Michael Steele. Ever since he came out as a soft-core supporter of abortion, never again.

I'm quickly coming to the opinion that Steele is part of the problem, not the solution, and that under his leadership, you can be assured of a second Obama Administaration in 2012.

Here's the article from Fox News; (Emphasis mine) Republicans to Drop Measure Labeling Democrats 'Socialist'

WASHINGTON -- Republican Party leaders are dropping a proposal aimed at changing the name of the Democratic Party.

In a deal reached Wednesday, the GOP will not vote on a resolution asking the Democrats to rename their party the "Democrat Socialist" party.

Two Republican National Committee members who had backed the measure say that supporters have agreed to change the resolution's language to urge Americans to oppose what the GOP is calling the Democrats' "socialist" agenda.

GOP Chairman Michael Steele had opposed the name-changing resolution, and other party leaders have called it "stupid" and "absurd."
Mr. Steele, what the hell is so stupid or absurd about being honest? Especially in light that The South-Side Stooge was a member of The New Socialist Party.


Blogger Simplex Vir said...

Caveness, as long as you continue to put your hope into the two government parties you will continue to be disappointed.

It is not so much the metal of the man as much as the requirement of the group. They just will not allow an individual to take a stand and run counter to bigger government.

Your real hope is in constitutional based third parties.

6:49 AM  
Blogger Adeodatus49 said...

The Republicans should drop their labeling of the Democrats as "socialists." It's a lie and thus a shameful slander on those good socialists. I would suggest instead the label of "Commie." :-)

10:53 PM  
Blogger Viator Catholicus said...

As is obvious, any revival of the Republican party is going to have to come from the South. Northern Republicans are false Republicans of convenience. They're wanna-be Democrats who are anti-life/anti-family but not enough to get a Democratic nomination. So, they run as "Republicans."
Republicans must be unabashedly pro-life and pro-family just and tolerate no dissent on these fundamental values just as the Democrats allow no dissent in their support of the homosexual and abortion lobbies.
The only reason I would not suggest a third party now is that it will likely divide the vote and lead to another Obama punishment inflicted on us for 4 more years in 2012.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Al said...

(With apologies to Billy S.)
A socialist by any other name would still smell as foul.

2:49 AM  

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