Friday, May 08, 2009

Promise Made...
Promise kept

I said that if any letters were sent to Fr. Morris in response to appearance on Red Eye With Greg Gutfeld, then I would post them.

Here are what've been sent so far; (anonymity respected) Dear Father,

Ordinarily I approve of the way that you represent the Church and applaud the stance that you've taken defending the Church, but last night on Red Eye there were a few moments that got me thinking..

When you were if you we're a "pre-Vatican II or post Vatican II kind of guy?" your reply was "I live in the present" I'm a young Catholic who is attached to the EF, do I not live in the present? I worship in the EF form due to the solemnity and the better expression of the lex credendi of the Catholic Faith. Vatican II never got rid of Latin in any documents as I believe that you know "The Latin Language is to be maintained" To not defend the Pope's hermeneutic of continuity on this matter I believe was absolutely shameful. I've always thlought that we're supposed to think with the Church, and the Church has always said that Latin has pride of place in matters Liturgical for the Latin Rite. The vernacular was meant to be used for the Readings and hymns.

I also believe that you could have clarified the point when you said marriage is not religious. I understood what you meant by saying that the definition of marriage isn't bound to religion which is true. it's matter of natural law, but the way that it came off in the interview made it seem as if the Sacrament of Marriage had no meaning. Perhaps next time you can clarify this point.

I pray that next time things will run smoother.

With all due respect, you comment regarding “marriage not being religious” has got to be the worst example of formation I have ever seen. Last time I checked Marriage is a Sacrament in the Roman Catholic Church. I suppose maybe my mistake is that the Catholic Church is no longer religious……well in regards to the Novus Ordo I would agree.

You also responded to the question about the Latin Rite saying, “you live in the present”. What the heck is that supposed to mean? I think I am hearing someone who discounts the past. I wonder if you too discount the dedication of the Saints from the past, they would not find your opinions and words meeting the mark.

I pray for your proper formation!

After seeing your performance on Red Eye, I must say that I'm very disappointed with your flippant remarks concerning the Traditional Latin Mass. I too, 'live in the present'. but I am in the world, not of it. How dare you make such a blatantly rude comment concerning a Mass that's sustained centuries upon centuries of Saints.

I think Miss Coulter nailed it -- "you sound like a Protestant". I'll pray for your conversion.
Know that I will update this posting as warranted


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