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More Violent Pro-Lifers We Need To Be Protected From
Which news story are you more familiar with?
Helmet tip to the MIG Fighter

Yeah, I know that Randall Terry should have had permission to enter campus, but let's look at the bigger picture...

Terry sets foot on Notre Dame property, and for having baby carriages with six dolls covered in fake blood, he's arrested. When Barack Obama sets foot on Notre Dame property, and for having the blood of millions of butchered children on his hands, he'll awarded an honorary Doctorate.

Am I the only one who recognizes the Theater of the Absurd taking place here?

Here's some of a rather terse article from WSJV TV in South Bend; (Emphasis mine) Obama Protester arrested at Notre Dame

Protests against President Obama's visit continue. However, Friday's protest wasn't as peaceful. Protest organizer Randall Terry was arrested after being warned by University police the second he stepped foot on campus, he would be arrested for trespassing.

Terry and six other protesters pushed carriages containing dolls covered in fake blood. "They are going to threaten us with arrests for peaceful statements like this? It shows this University has lost it's mind," says Terry.

Terry was taken to the St. Joseph County Jail on criminal trespass charges. University spokesman Dennis Brown said the no-trespassing order was issued by the private Catholic school after a similar protest Thursday. He says such orders remain in effect forever unless the university decides to rescind them.
Yeah... that Operation Rescue gang sure is dangerous. And if the whack-jobs over at 'The Online Journal' are right, we desperatly need the US Army to keep track violent hate-mongers like Randall Terry and his thugs.

But let's not get too concerned about those rambunctious rascals who recently partied just a little to hardy when The Zero descended from the clouds this past summer. Here's some of a rather little-reported-nationwide story from the Denver Post; (Emphasis mine) Police seized feces, urine during DNC

Among the items police seized during the Democratic convention were bags of feces stockpiled in LoDo and an estimated 200 bottles of urine in a vacant house, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper's office revealed today.

Training manuals posted online by some protest groups, alerted city officials to the potential that protesters might use human waste and stockpiles of bricks and rocks, as well as other tactics, to disrupt the convention, the mayor said.

The mayor said that a stockpile of pipe was found close to police headquarters and that a bag of quick-connect brass fittings for propane bottles and 6- to 8-foot heavy-duty chain also was seized. PVC pipe was found in an alley in LoDo. Nails and screws were found scattered in LoDo streets. In another incident, two propane tanks were found chained to a fence in a LoDo parking lot.
Gee, I wonder what the nails and screws were for? Hey, they might have been planning a home improvement project. And as far as the crap and piss are concerned, maybe they weren't planning on dumping it all over Denver's Finest. Possibly these were just queer-orgy party favors. Just to 'get in the mood'.

Ya think?


Blogger Al said...

As someone who works for the security department of a private "Catholic(?)" College, I can say that technically Notre Dame does have the right to tell Terry Randall to stay off campus property. Technically.

But you are right, the media will blow it way up beyond what it really is, a simple tresspass charge, into another sign of how horrible & violent Pro-lifers are, all the while ignoring things like last year in Denver. Which, for those of us old enough to remember sounds just like the typical violent tactics used by the radical left in the 60s (many of whom are Obama's buddies).

All Terry Randall did was a bit of non-violent civil disobedience, like Martin Luther King & Rosa Parks. Yet, the media will use it in a way that, at its heart, is an insult to what King & Parks stood for.

11:34 PM  

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