Sunday, May 24, 2009

If You Think The Errors Of Jenkins Are Confined To Notre Dame, Think Again
Gospel of the NewChurch

No hell. No sin. No evil. No temptation. No Satan. No absolutes.

Everyone is going to Heaven. Baptisms don't even mention Original Sin. A handful go to Confession, yet hundreds receive Holy Communion. Ambiguity is the rule of the day.

All you need is luv. Da-da-dada-daaaa... Luv is all you need.

Luis Sergio Solimeo of couldn't have said it better. Just the article title and sub-title say it all; For Notre Dame, division not abortion is evil

Introducing pro-abortion President Obama, Rev. Jenkins of Notre Dame makes no mention of the intrinsic evil of abortion - the head of Notre Dame University instead focused on divisions that make people "demonize each other."
Gang, the flat-out evil that Presider Jenkins espouses isn't found only in the ivory towers of elitist, ├╝ber-liberal campuses (so liberal, that they would even give homo-loving Episcopalian 'bishops' pause). The error and scandal of the likes of Jenkins & Pals have polluted their way down to the parish-level.

Don't believe me? Think back on the last four sermons you heard. Odd how I don't have this problem at my Traditional Latin Mass.


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