Wednesday, March 04, 2009

...And Just a Few More Words on Socialism (AKA Marxism)
Why does the stock market seem so down and who likes it.

So I am sure most of you have seen the stock market plummet, lots of wealth disappearing into thin air. You might ask yourself who would want to make this happen? Who stands to gain if the average American no longer has a secure retirement because his/her funds have been sucked away by a devalued dollar and a massive drop in investor confidence.

There is only one answer and that my friends is the marxist known as President Obama and his communist cronies. Understand that they know full well that if they make things seem as bad as can be that investors will get shaky and pull out of the stock market as we are seeing happen daily. Also they print so much money and create such a large debt that the dollar will have no strength. All the while bashing corporations and telling the American people how misled we all were by corporations and capitalism. When they all know full well that what started this whole problem was the government forcing financial institutions to lend money to people who could not repay the loans.

So you will have a population who are losing jobs, losing money, and scared out of their wits because they have never had to sacrifice or face REAL hardships. We will all be happy to hand over health care, work, and charity to the government. The very people who abuse and misuse ALL of the funding they currently receive. We suck as a citizenry! We have no intestinal fortitude, no ability to see beyond our immediate need and gratification, this is exactly what a tyranny needs in order to enslave its people. We are like an abused woman returning over and over to her spouse/boyfriend only to be beaten harder again and again until one day she is killed.

It is amazing to me that it has only taken about 50-60 years for us to forget the lessons learned from WWII. When the shit hits the fan though, there will be those out there that will be able to help the idiots who HOPE for CHANGE today. Without a doubt they will help you, serve you, and take up arms to protect you. When the dust clears and order is restored you will have your freedom again and 50-60 years after that, the same kind of people will have to bail your sorry asses out again because you never learn from history....we all know this time it will be different....of course it will. Don't worry we will be waiting over here behind the glass with our AR15's and Dragunov's the glass will say, "Break Glass Only in Case of Emergency".


Blogger Erin said...

I am one of those people who is currently without meaningful employment, partially because of the economy and partially because I chose this year to go back to school. Once I could have paid the difference with a temp job or with mall work; however, the economic downturn means that I can't get a temp job and my mall job only goes 2 days a week. Both weekend days, of course, every week. What fun.

To cover the difference, I have had to do a lot of things that really interfere with my sense of entitlement. I've largely stopped eating out (sometimes it's almost inevitable due to awkward scheduling) and have become a master of the One Pot Peasant Food Meals. I've taken my gift certificates which I earned for working at the mall, and used them to buy gifts for others instead of for myself. Most distressingly, I have made arrangements to move into my grandmother's house, at the age of over-35, because I can no longer pay rent at the house I'm currently occupying.

While all these have been difficult, I can definitely see how God is using them to work in my life. I have lost weight and gained work ethic, have learned to plan ahead and manage my money better (a lesson I've had to learn several times; this time it took), and am able to help my grandmother with the running of her house, as she's 87 and can't really manage it by herself anymore. (Grandma, incidentally, is a WWII vet-- former Army nurse, and even the Nazis did not want to mess with her twice!)

I admit I have a student loan to help pay for my education, but A) it has to be paid back, and B) it is considerably less than the amount of taxes I paid last year, so I don't feel bad about taking it. Other than that, I have received NO government assistance, and I am not looking for any!

I don't know if any of this will make me part of the solution, but I am doing my best not to become part of the problem. And though I've never been spiritually developed enough to thank God for adversity, I at least can thank Him for the lessons I'm learning, and pray for the wisdom to keep using them after the adversity has passed.

Sorry for the long post, just had to let you all know you're not alone.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Trubador said...

If we had not ceded the education (K-thru-grad school), journalism, and entertainment industries to the radical lefties this might not have happened.

But, instead, we have decades of:

* Unionized teachers, tenured professors and clueless administrators throughout our education system - cramming our kids their drivel in our public schools, colleges and universities,

* Radical journalists and news editors spouting propaganda and slanted, sensationalized or lazy news items,

* Arrogant lefties acting/writing/producing films and TV shows which are given the green light by carefree studio heads to promote their corrupt world view,

* And crass marketers on Madison Avenue devising inane or immoral advertisements to perpetuate our Pavlovian spend-spend-spend/buy-buy-buy habits.

If we (Christians and Conservatives) had gotten ourselves into those playing fields (or at least not checked our moral principles at the door) rather than ceding all that to these hippy leftovers and commie wannabes we'd have a much larger and successful influence on the culture and society.

Imagine if just half the Film/TV studios, Newspapers/News Rooms, Colleges/Universities and School Boards were run by committed Christians and Conservatives?

4:41 PM  

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