Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Eurotrash And Amerotrash, UNITE!
The only thing you have to lose is your savings!

Why the hell are we paying for this!?

With the exception of one cargo ship (oh, and we have to take the Iranians word for it that there really is nothing but humanitarian goods on board. Yeah, right), they have sent absolutely zero to help their Palestinian brothers-in-arms with the exception of just that... arms.

Here's some of the article from the Financial Times of London; (Emphasis mine)
Donors pledge $4.5bn for Palestinians
By Heba Saleh in Sharm El Sheikh

International donors at a conference in Egypt pledged $4.48bn over two years to support the Palestinian economy and rebuild Gaza after the Israeli offensive, but made clear none of the funds should end up in the hands of Hamas, the Islamist group that controls the territory.

Mrs Clinton pledged $900m (€714m, £643m) of aid for the Palestinians of which $300m was earmarked for urgent humanitarian relief to Gaza. The aid includes budgetary, security and infrastructure support for the Palestinian Authority, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, which was ousted from Gaza in 2007 by Hamas, the Islamist militant group. (Ahhh... so who's really in charge?)

The European Union said it would give $554m and there were pledges from Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries totalling $1.65bn. (The West has pledged almost as much as the Arabs. Suckers...)

At least $1.33bn of the assistance is expected to be spent on rebuilding Gaza but officials made it clear that this aid would not be disbursed until Hamas was no longer in control of territory. Another $1.5bn is intended to make up the expected deficit in the PA’s budget for this fiscal year. (So they got a chunk of the Spendulus Package, too?)

Mrs Clinton said Palestinian rockets launched against Israel by Hamas militants had to stop. (But we'll still throw almost a billion dollars at them. Riiiiiight.)

She said Israel had to show “the Palestinians that there are benefits to negotiating”.
(Israel's already done that. "Stop launching missiles at us, we'll stop pounding the shit out of you." Simple.)


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