Monday, February 16, 2009

Ahhh... That Makes Sense!
Theology for political junkies made simple

I recently heard a talking head refer to Socialism (Obamanomics) as "reward for not putting forth any effort".

So with the Protestant belief in Sola Fidei (Faith Alone), and the Catholic belief in Faith & Works, does that mean that Catholicism is Theological Capitalism, and Protestantism is Theological Socialism?

Makes sense to me.


Blogger Phelony Jones said...


10:01 PM  
Blogger Al said...

Give this (Cave)man a gold star.

2:56 AM  
Blogger ignorant redneck said...

Well...yes. and note, the Lutheran and Reformed nations of Europe hav embraced socialism far ahead of their Catholic counterparts, even, some of them ahead of their secularist counter parts.

In a change of subject, please go over to my place and comment on the comments on "How convienient".

4:42 PM  

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