Friday, November 28, 2008

Honest To God, I Really Could Care Less That He's Black
But if it gets peoples attention...

Remember gang, no Jimmy Carter... no Ronald Reagan. We're going to have to go through intense heat these next 2-4 years (don't forget the congressional elections in 2010) before the Republican Party gets rid of its impurities (ie: moderate "RepubliCrats).

Jindal, Keyes, Palin, Steele, Blackwell --- any combination thereof work for me.

Here's some of the article from; (Emphasis mine)
Republicans Should Renew Core Pro-Life Abortion Views, Black GOPer Says

Washington, DC ( -- A leading black Republican says the GOP should renew its core pro-life views against abortion even though some detractors say the party should move to the left following the presidential election defeat. Ken Blackwell, the former Ohio Secretary of State, says the GOP has been successful as a pro-life party.

"After two disastrous election cycles, it is clear the Republican Party must refocus again," Blackwell writes in a TownHall editorial. "A reenergized GOP must make Republican principles appealing both to its base and also to the changing face of America."

Blackwell says the small faction of pro-abortion Republicans, egged on by the mainstream media, "are blaming the party for moving too far to the right, losing moderate and independent voters to the Democrats." "These people say social issues such as ... abortion should be replaced by economic issues," he writes.

Doing so, Blackwell writes, would put the Republican Party outside the mainstream of American voters who, as polls show, generally take a pro-life view and support most limits on abortion.

Blackwell says Republicans can persuade minorities and women to support its pro-life principles, but need to be more aggressive in courting their vote.

"Republicans must excite, energize and mobilize their base, while reuniting old coalitions and forming new ones. They must provide bold and innovative leadership to recapture that sense of optimism and opportunity," Blackwell concluded.
A Republican leader has to remind Republicans that we are the Pro-Life party. Pretty pathetic. But then again, it's also pretty pathetic that a Catholic bishop should have to remind his fellow bishops that there are certain things that we may have to lay down out lives for... like defending innocent babies.


Blogger Former Altar Boy said...

I couldn't care less either. I just wish news outfits, including the pro-life LifeNews, could quote a person without mentioning his or her race. ["Washington, DC ( -- A leading black Republican..."] Does the person's idea have more or less validity because of his race? Do you ever read a news quote by a "white Democrat?"

1:29 PM  
Blogger Dymphna said...

Me too. One of these days I'd like to be refered to as just plain American with no hyphen.

9:41 AM  

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